Parallel reality after millions angel round, will launch the thinnest VR glasses

by:Fuhua     2020-08-31
Recently, the VR& AR startups parallel reality ( Pareal) Has been finished in August, millions angel round. The parallel reality's management in favor of reason is that it has the next generation of VR display technology and XR next generation display technology. The personage inside course of study says, the VR glasses products is the first generation of real slim VR glasses. Parallel reality technology co. , LTD. Was established in January 2014, it is understood that the company from 2014 began developing ultrathin display technology. At present, the parallel realities and independent research and development with independent intellectual property rights -- — Polarization ultrashort focal display technology, VR helmet display lens thickness can be compressed to 15 mm, so as to realize HMD helmet to glasses product form of lightweight, miniaturization. At the same time the company has been developing the next generation of XR glasses technology. The company will launch on the market at present in Q4 quarter of this year's thinnest VR glasses - — Pareal VR, compared with the previous VR low equipment, Pareal VR fuselage appearance modelling is very close to daily life use the sun glasses, the design of the folding receive very deft, only 10 mm the thinnest place, the weight of less than 100 g, is by far the lightest VR display device. Display, screen using custom Fast - for VR devices LCD, with 90 hz refresh rate and the binocular 3200 x1600 resolution, largely avoid dizzy feeling, grainy unique optical structure to pareal VR has 90 ° large field of view Angle, can see more content, to accommodate a broader field of vision space. Revolutionary VR display technology to redefine the VR glasses technology standard VR intelligent glasses after computers, smart phones, the third generation of intelligent terminal equipment, is expected to become necessary in People's Daily life in the future. But the current industry products are often limited to body size and weight is difficult to get the best experience, so also known as VR headsets. In order to meet the demand of the c-terminal, VR display technology of lightweight and miniaturization is a must. Parallel reality VR glasses products is to solve the problem, its core polarization ultrashort focal display technology is also known as the second generation of VR technology, perfect the technology solved the problem of the VR display products are thick and heavy. As a result, they will own product is called the VR glasses. And plans to use the technology to overthrow the traditional VR head show, launched a VR technology revolution. According to a parallel reality CMO, parallel reality ( Pareal) Creation is in the same three-dimensional space and time by using the power of science and technology to build a parallel to the material world of digital 3 d world. We each have a fantasy world, a fantasy, not the real world, like zhuangzi philosophy: in dream with the butterfly, butterfly dream ZhuangZhou, parallel reality Pareal goal is seamless digital reality with physical reality, through virtual reality/ar/mixed it/brain-computer interface technology to achieve the 'dream'. To promote the technology become the third generation of the fourth generation even speed in the form of social interaction.
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