Panasonic CES 2020 to launch its first high-definition and VR glasses

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
The annual tech bellwether CES as scheduled on January 7, 2020 - 10, held in Las Vegas convention center. At CES 2020, Japanese electronics firm Panasonic unveiled its first VR glasses, this equipment adopts the compact design, can provide high-definition visual effect and eliminate the effect of screen window, bring natural image effect for the user. The VR glasses is Panasonic with VR display manufacturers Kopin cooperative development Corporation, the device is a combination of Panasonic existing products, such as Panasonic TV, blu-ray Ray Disc Player, Technics of audio equipment and technology used in the LUMIX digital cameras. Including a miniature OLED panel, dynamic drive and a new Technics of the original optical module, the module by Panasonic, Kopin Corporation and 3 m Company in research and development, can create a 'super natural without distortion of the single focus image'. Panasonic introduced the VR glasses is a very light show, and to be able to use the least amount of hardware to provide impressive 3 d visual effect. Panasonic said this product can connect 5 g network use, can be watching some VR content perfect tool, like live sporting events, virtual travel experience and so on. Panasonic said in a statement: 'as the fifth generation ( 5 g) The commercial land mobile communication technology, expect to see more VR head landing scenarios, including for VR sports competitions and absorbing virtual travel experience. Although traditional VR head show high quality images and sound effects, and provides users with highly immersive experience, but they are often show the size of the head is bigger, and require the user to use headband should be tied to the head, which may lead to the wearer. 'But at the moment, Panasonic has not announced on the VR glasses more specific parameters, such as if FOV, compatible with the handle, if you can connect mobile device or PC use and so on, and with the CES 2020 officially started, we will also learn more about the VR header information. It is understood that panasonic plans to continue to develop this year can be used in all kinds of application scenarios of VR glasses.
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