Opening the VR experience shop in Beijing! Let you summer vacation travel between virtual and reality! — VR experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-09-24
Summer vacation coming where the wave? Simple meals, milk tea, drink how can meet today to share a super suitable for party, leisure, a good place for parents with the fast friend, children is not the same as summer vacation I spent there are all sorts of fun projects waiting for you all kinds of trend of science and technology, waiting for you all kinds of welfare activities waiting for you to LEKEVR experience store wukesong HuaXi Live store VR simulator manufacturer is a focus on the VR technology development, VR content customization, VR equipment production and sales of national high and new technology enterprise. More than 3500 vr join case experience pavilion, all over the world more than 50 countries on five continents. Manufacturers to build virtual reality VR simulator offline entertainment platform - — VRLe platform, has more than 30 million people consumption. Over six hundred models of current content platform, the total service global VR entertainment end users to more than 7000 B. Opening preferential activities you might expect NO here. Group-buying activities group-buying activities 1: any device experience (2 times Can be substitution experience/two people at the same time experience 1) (+ web celebrity rhythm lightsaber 1 time 1 limited experience) , price 116 yuan price 174 yuan coupon activities 2: any device experience (4 times Can be substitution experience/two people at the same time experience 2 times) + web celebrity rhythm lightsaber 2 times ( 1 limited experience) NO, the activity price 210 yuan of original price 348 yuan. 2 prepaid phone prepaid phone card 500 yuan to 600 yuan + free web celebrity game rhythm lightsaber experience 1 + gift VR glasses/anime hand do ( 2 choose 1) Activity time: August 7 - 24 pour opening activities to build a better, update 2020 VR gaming experience 50% as guest latest game equipment design is given priority to with contracted, fashionable different diablo style bold use white + blue + contracted logo design style for science and technology feeling and beautiful sex, at the same time satisfy the consumer demand summer vacation to come here to take pictures 'war' circle of friends will win! / / / 01. Flight cinemas double version of the device that the two partners enjoy adventure with VR games possible at the same time for the safety of people around the protective equipment with safety barrier more details, more consideration is the brand of music guest from the core value of the equipment to the service / / / 02. Guest corps Pro unattended VR self-help arcade enjoyed guest corps comprehensive upgrade both keep the rich variety of game content and strengthen the function of multiple self-help USES more widely / / / 3. Time machine 2. 0 new special comprehensive upgrade omni-directional motion platform experience VR virtual world space vibration, tong, such as on the simulation of the sweep the leg, blowing effects bring you unprecedented audio-visual feast! Multiple experiences more than hundred exclusive game content, everything! / / / 4. Lightning fast on the way to the office wall crazy want to vr world after a hardcore racing game you need to concentrate to the road of various hidden traps can be multiplayer support more speed fast, fast life! Game 'spider-man: hero expedition' this time, you will become a spider man, a super hero of addiction. When stark industries in spider sense, high-tech battle dress to let you double battle effectiveness. With VR experience some hero back! The dinosaur journey the DinoTrek take you back to the distant past, immersed in the lush landscape of VR dinosaurs, test your knowledge of the dinosaurs, see if you can identify all the different types! Found these prehistoric creatures hostile way of life. 'The bang-bang karting' in the VR kart racing game, you can experience to stimulate the sense of drift in racing mode, also can be in mode props to experience the fun of the use of various props. Such a fun project such trend of science and technology such preferential activities what are you waiting for come and experience the Address 】 Haidian district of Beijing wukesong HuaXi LIVE south - 030 Hi - B1 layer The west side of Fun entrance
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