Open vr experience pavilion to have what conditions, what certificate to need?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-26

although VR experience hall without that raged last year, but also can not deny the fact that the current VR experience pavilion is indeed a startup project we should pay more attention, as people for VR industry investment return to rationality. Many people start thinking, VR experience hall management which related to need to do to prepare?

VR gun king

a, funding,

no matter what entrepreneurial projects, are all need to have a certain amount of money. Capital is the foundation of all the activities of you, so to speak. Is willing to spend how much, would like to open a large areas of VR virtual reality experience, these can be according to the local consumption level, site selection, amusement park surrounding environment, such as target population to decide.

a, site selection,

VR virtual reality experience hall opened in the suburbs or the city, has a great influence on the VR experience store traffic, whether in the suburbs or the city, one of the must meet the following conditions: population concentration areas, population zones, commercial activity concentration areas, traffic center.

2, equipment

experience store equipment in vr Suggestions like oculus or using the best HTC vive. Suggest choose some game content more equipment, which allows users to experience more games, to increase the repeat consumer, such as: HTC walking platform, VR gun battle, etc. If you plan to do a small investment can real time water at the same time do a 5D cinema or 9D VR cinema shell vr.

HTC walking platform

a VR experience pavilion is needed to deal with what certificate?

set up places of entertainment, should apply to the competent department of the local people's government at the county level culture; Set up sino-foreign joint ventures, sino-foreign cooperative joint venture, entertainment venues, to the local people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government shall be filed by the competent department of culture. … … The relevant laws and administrative rules and regulations need to go through the formalities for examination and approval of fire control, hygiene, environmental protection, those provisions shall be followed.

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