Open a vr to earn experience pavilion?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-12

a vr experience hall to make money? Believe that a lot of care of VR in the industry have such doubt. When a new industry, we need to see how its development prospects. And VR will spread to every aspect of life, to earn that open a VR experience pavilion? Let's to analyze.

now domestic VR just rise, consumers of VR has a strong freshness, VR experience pavilion is a good choice, only spent one hundred yuan less than VR can experience, many consumers will try.

from the analysis on profit:

business vr experience pavilion's gross profit margin is higher, on average, in the above, if the price of a ticket is 30 per person, attendance is 56 people every day, every day income 1680, the monthly income is 50400, annual revenue is 604800. Remove artificial cost 3000, 8000 monthly rent, water and electricity, 2000 monthly expenses is 13000, annual net income is 448800.

vr experience pavilion money? The outbreak of the VR market after several years, now is the time to market needs. While waiting for the VR general use in life may be not so hot, so now is the time to VR experience hall to make money.

vr experience pavilion money? Saw the above analysis, I believe vr experience pavilion investors have amusement affirmative answer, vr experience hall business is good, can be profitable.

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