Officially closed Spaces, Facebook Horizon is expected to open at the beginning of 20 new VR social world

by:Fuhua     2020-09-28
OC6 conference this year, Facebook released its new VR social platform 'Facebook Horizon', is expected to officially launched in 2020, Begin early next year) Compatible in Rift platform and Quest. At the same time, the Spaces 'and' the Oculus Rooms, two apps will be officially closed on October 25, you can see the Horizon function more comprehensive, to some extent, can replace two partial function of app. Facebook Spaces, a statement said the club's official website, described in the application has been suspended on October 25, 2019. , the statement also said that Facebook thanks to each user, and they really looking forward to next year to meet with you again in the Horizon. Facebook Spaces first appeared in 2017, supports Rift and Vive. Facebook already have high hopes for this application, and provides a lot of support. In addition to the regular optimization to promote, they held a series of activities at the same time. VR social platform 'Horizon' two characteristics after experiencing the 'Horizon', experience summary of its two characteristics: ( 1) To be more creative, support more conducive to social coordinate transfer. Reported that Facebook on OC6 for VR social launched a Deep Linking, Rich Presence, and other functions. Deep Linking refers to, developers can combine Destinations function for one or more users can directly to a specific location in the application of VR link, so that you can take specific location in the 'Horizon' through the form of links with friends sharing, will they send to you. And Rich Presence refers to, you can see in VR or supporting mobile client application state of friends and their location, you can also choose to join them. That is to say, the two function allows VR users are more likely to be found, but also with the browser, mobile user interaction. ( 2) With creativity as the theme World Builder is used to edit the VR World 'Horizon' and the content of important function, its purpose is to provide users with create and social tools, you can create an interactive game, or let your friends to play together in the World. It is understood that 'Horizon' in the existing robot world and islands are also written in VR. The only is insufficient, the user can't upload the 3 d graphics or content, only through a combination of columns, the ball in the World Builder, tetrahedron and cone to re-create. 'Horizon', though, not all of the built-in games are created with VR, such as the game is to use the Unity and development. VR social platform 'Horizon' what is the future of the future 'Horizon' will form, will become the 3 d version of Facebook? When you enter after can also see a lot of other players? To this, Lomo and Fitzgerald is not sure, only through the usage of the user to know next year. Fitzgerald said: after we pass the 'Rooms' and 'Spaces' understanding to the user, the next will need more people to use 'Horizon', at the same time let them to experience more Oculus products. As you can imagine, the Horizon after the launch, as the number of users increases, the size will be bigger and bigger. Just like on the OC6 LiveMaps openly, Facebook provides us with open AR and VR space can be Shared, then need to users to create content for the space, increase the size of it.
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