Oculus VR immersion artistic performance

by:Fuhua     2020-08-29
Since last November, Oculus Ciname at theatre in Los Angeles, California, provides, it is showing the Oculus of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 'movie. To say the film is different, is that it can provide a whole scene shows immersed viewing effect, breaking the previous pattern of VR and traditional film screenings. First of all, the audience positive provides a 12 meters long ( May be a diagonal) Holographic display screen, and then cinemas around combines the projection scheme to realize the whole scene immersion. So that we can bring more immersed viewing effect, after the bullet shot beyond the screen, for example, you can also on the wall, Projection) See the bullet trajectories and so on, make the cinema inside is immersed. In addition to visual experience, also combined with the laser array and space inside the theater audio solutions, colorful atmosphere paper, etc. To achieve a better effect of viewing. Making such an immersive VR simulation experience one of the purposes of, is one of the main pain points, given the current VR is hard to not try VR show its real advantages and charm. It is understood that Oculus in the content of the 4 minutes, shows the 'Beat the Saber ', 'Moss', 'Echo Arena', 'Star Wars VR: Vader Immortal' four classic VR games. The Beat in the plane of the first stage is a Saber 'video, 3 d dynamic image and sound, then show the charm of' Moss 'VR adventure game, and VR games' Echo Arena 'zero gravity. The audience to see one of the most heavy is the use of holographic projection appears dark Wu Shida, darth vader, just like the Star Wars VR games, the appearance of the black knight brandishing a lightsaber is also very cool. At the end of the film shows that aren't enough audience can also do in the Quest of experience at the scene. In order to design an immersive experience, Oculus and VTProDesign first theatre in Los Angeles for the precision of 3 d scanning, with 22 then the projector will be 16 kx8k resolution immersive images projected on the dome theater, in addition to the projector, also USES 16 laser equipment to the details of the field of surveying and mapping, and light and to make three-dimensional effect, even will be projected in the audience, interact. In order to make 3 d holographic projection display on the screening stage, the design team created a custom holographic projection veil, 25 feet behind the veil also placed a huge LED screen, the purpose is to create a stereo parallax. Finally, the design team also incorporates some effects, such as lighting effects, confetti, smoke, etc. , to strengthen the immersive holographic projection. Besides visual feast, the design team also used by 22 audio frequency track and custom of customized solutions that make the sound more solid immersion. At the end of the presentation, the audience could explore watch this is generally not open to the public theater in Los Angeles at ordinary times, including bars and DJ dance hall. The audience can even use Cinespia custom photo booth, and through the photos form this time special memories.
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