Oculus production is expected the second half of 2 million, the new Quest vr gaming devices at the end of production

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
According to the nikkei Asian review, Facebook and SONY companies are raising the game equipment production, the largest is expected to increase by 50%. Among them, the new champions league thanks to a global scale outbreak caused by increased demand that occupy the home, and the corresponding home entertainment demand also increase accordingly. Facebook's new Oculus VR head show will be at the end of July or so into mass production stage, and the output of the second half of this year is expected to at least 2 million units. In contrast, in 2019, the year's total output of 800000 or so, however, VR show seems to be in 2020 ushered in the first round of the c-terminal market popularization of small climax. Associated with bloomberg earlier disclosure: Facebook is developing a smaller volume, lighter weight, higher 'the second generation of the Quest' refresh rate, so the nikkei Asian review report to production new Oculus VR head show may be rumors of the second generation of the Quest. According to the Rift series iterative naming rules, we can call it 'the Quest' S 'for a moment. According to bloomberg, Facebook at that time, it seems, are still not decided the final design scheme, Of course, does not rule out the possibility of a multiple versions of new style) , but to let wear time longer, more comfortable, smaller volume, lighter weight will be 'Quest' S key considerations of the core index, at the same time, also will develop new controller, make its holding up more comfortable, and fix the Quest controller battery occasionally drop small defects. Bloomberg in the report also pointed out that Facebook had originally planned to be held in September or October this year's conference (Oculus Connect OC7) Launch 'Quest' S ', but because of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak to product development and the impact of the global supply chain, the release date may be delayed until 2021. If the nikkei Asian review reports the news is true, then maybe it won't be long before we will usher in 'the second generation of the Quest,' and the popularity of VR in C terminal market will also be a big step forward again.
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