Nvidia use LED sensor development lightweight VR eye tracking system

by:Fuhua     2020-09-01
According to the technology website VentureBeat reported, all the world's top virtual reality ( VR) Equipment manufacturers have agreed to, eye tracking ( 视线跟踪) Will be the basis of the next generation of VR hardware, because eye tracking can perceive the position of the eyes, real-time computer can optimize detail rendering, and even provide cursor control, without having to move hand or head. But the eye tracking hardware is not cheap, the volume is not small, so the artificial intelligence computing company nvidia ( Nvidia) Researchers put forward a new solution, can make the technology becomes more popular. Nvidia's gaze tracking using the ordinary LED function: to shine and light perception. The researchers hope that by this component to simplify to determine the eye position relative to the display process. Like other gaze tracking system, the nvidia system will cause a circle of infrared leds will not be visible light projected on the eyes. But the difference is that described the LED will select the color sensors from the same position. The researchers point out, this can be achieved to date development of the smallest, cheapest gaze tracking, and precision and sampling rate can match the most common solution. Relevant papers: GAZE - SENSING LEDS FOR HEAD MOUNTED DISPLAYS in a prototype system is equipped with 9 LEDS FOR each eye, three emit infrared, and 6 is used FOR induction light. In the second prototype, the system is used for each eye six LED as a light sensor and light. Due to the LED with low power consumption, and relies on the relatively simple controller hardware and software, so they can reduce the total delay, reduce head shows the required number of cameras, and eliminates the need for pipeline increase in image processing module. Even though the nvidia solution performance enough to satisfy the general application of VR, but the researchers point out that it may not be suitable for reading, nervous system application or psychological research. The minimum Angle error of LED systems to 0. 7 degrees, and bad when can reach 1. 1 degree. In contrast, the alternatives based on camera can provide the result of the 'very high precision', and the error level is lower than 0. 5 degrees. 'Way to achieve synchronization with the eyes, and if the wearer's face move relative to the perception of hardware, you must be calibrated again. The line of sight of nvidia induction LED system is still in the prototype stage, so is not yet ready to challenge HTC and Pico Tobii solutions in the VR devices etc. However, it may be to enter the next generation of VR head-mounted device, assuming that the researchers were able to find the calibration process fast enough and not annoy the user's way, new type of cheap and light, with higher performance products just around the corner.
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