NVIDIA for VR new super sampling VRSS, increase the VR games clarity

by:Fuhua     2020-09-28
NVIDIA has launched a G - 360 hz refresh rate Sync display technology, is a traditional game and TV monitor refresh rate of six times. The display is for gamers or competitive game players, it's going to be display refresh rate highest game ever. NVIDIA using RTX 'Turing' architecture of the GPU in variable speed shadow function, has launched a new feature, called variable speed sampling (super VRSS) , this feature allow super sampling was carried out on the game, to increase the clarity, but only the central lens, which makes the GPU rendering function can be used in one of the most important place. Run the latest RTX NVIDIA graphics of VR gamers will be able to take advantage of new VRSS function, the function can not reduce the performance of improve the definition of the VR games. This function USES the way of rendering sharpness can be focused at the center of the lens, not waste processing capacity in additional places, no matter how will not make the image fuzzy edges. For VR lovers, super sampling is a well-known technique, can be in the case of GPU spare capacity is insufficient to improve clarity. Traditional super sampling technology to higher resolution than target indicator rendering the whole picture, this allows the current VR head show in detail on the definition of surprising changes. But the traditional super sampling amount of calculation is too big, if too high will bring back frame, this will bring VR head show very uncomfortable experience. While VRSS is designed as a specific to VR super sampling method more efficient. Most of the VR head show lens has a narrow 'optimum point' ( In a smaller area highest lens sharpness) On the edge of the lens and image blur. Itself to the human eye can only see on the central point of the best high detail, so spend extra processing power to sharpen the image fuzzy part does not have too big significance, and this is the premise of VRSS. Shading VRSS using variable speed A built-in function in RTX card) In the center of the image to create a 'central sunken' super sampling area, the rest of the image and be preserved. This means that you can more effectively use GPU processing power to sharpen the view center. NVIDIA said VRSS can with less capacity in the foveal area provide higher resolution. VRSS today with the latest NVIDIA driver, you can through the GeForce Experience application to download and install them. Users need to enable this feature in the NVIDIA control panel, the official suggestion will VRSS set to 'adaptive', and warned that the use of 'always on' function may lead to a fall below show the machine rate of head frames. Nvidia also for its Turing GPU architecture introduces a new technology, called VRSS ( Variable speed super sampling) 。 VRSS by improving the image quality of the frame center provide up to 8 times the rate of shadow. VRSS using the coloring of variable rate ( VRS) It is one of the key improvements of Turing system structure. VRS decouple shadow rate and resolution, and can raise/lower frame in different regions of the image quality. VRSS use fixed concave type super sampling, which compared with the frame of the periphery area, has a higher rate of shadow of VR games can improve the center of the area of the mask image quality, so as to get better image quality.
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