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by:Fuhua     2020-09-21
Cloud and VR games as the future development trend of the gaming industry, from have been filed in recent years. Whether VR games or cloud game, the player heart nintendo always give people a feeling of outdated technology, VR and cloud next door to get popular game, since nintendo on hold, in addition to the symbolic a few cloud game, made a most primitive Labo optical 'VR glasses' seems totally not interested in. , according to Japanese media reports in recent days the shareholders' meeting held in nintendo, a shareholder from nintendo President expedition jung aso and company producer palace he asked, nintendo for the cloud computing, mobile services and VR games with global trends such as progress is a little slow this image is a passion to do. Expedition jung aso first replied: 'nintendo don't think all games will become the clouds. However, this technique is fast developing, so along with the advance of cloud services, we are considering using it in the future to provide content for our consumers. We believe that at the same time, to adapt to the changes in technology environment is very important. For technological progress are described, on the other hand, any increase in game audience, our priority is to concentrate on only through our game consoles and integrated software can provide entertainment. I think it brings us entertainment opportunities for global users. 'Miyamoto is more frankly replied:' although we are behind to enter virtual reality and online games, but this does not mean we are slower. In fact, we from the beginning of study on practical technology described. In the meantime, we have been fully explore whether the user can easily use this technology, and whether we can provide such services for the price of populist. Nintendo Labo Toy- Con04: VR suite has recently started selling, I believe that this product is the perfect way to interact with virtual reality. Due to the nintendo's user group involves many ages, including the young, so we are committed to the development and we think that everyone can enjoy the products. I think hosting the games by the cloud service will become more and more, but I also believe that through the host family to the local cheong play interesting games will continue to exist. We think to continue development through a variety of formats has unique charm nintendo game is very important. Compared with previous generations, modern families are more likely to have some kind of gaming device. You can see the super Mario cool run, the game has downloaded more than 300 million times. The success proves how much the market, proved how much of our opportunities. So we hope to develop the game in its own unique way and pursue these opportunities. 'About VR, nintendo qualifications. After the company had a dismal sales game Virtual Boy, the early experience of VR equipment was introduced in 1995, should be one of VR industry pioneer, but in less than a year of time to close immediately, sales not millions, even for nintendo is a business failure, left a big shadow. However, since Virtual Boy, nintendo, through technology advancing finally saw an opportunity to challenge the VR industry with the most ingenious difficulties, also use your imagination to the potential of this field, we believe that based on VR technology, nintendo will continue to make more interesting bold attempt. VR simulator manufacturer focus on VR, AR, MR, AI technology, science and technology innovation is the integrated hardware and software research and development, the integration of content customization, design, construction, production and sales and marketing services as one of the high-tech enterprise. Launch three series of VR games equipment, dozens of VR equipment product, contains a variety of VR games types. VR games equipment products are exported to at home and abroad, all over the world exports to Britain and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Manufacturers to build virtual reality VR simulator offline entertainment platform - — VRLe platform, has more than 20 million people consumption. Over six hundred models of current content platform, the total service global VR entertainment end users to more than 7000 B. VR simulator manufacturer to 'for the masses bring happiness, create value for customers 'as our mission, is committed to bring profit for customer, become your best partner! Provide one-stop VR experience pavilion to join profit plan, including VR experience pavilion site selection, site design, the whole hall effect, operational guidance, technical training and after-sales service, etc.
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