New horizon a new career: virtual reality ( VR) Engineers are officially released

by:Fuhua     2020-09-30
Recently, the human resources administration of social security and market supervision to the society, the National Bureau of Statistics jointly published 16 new career, this is the 2015 edition of the People's Republic of China occupational classification ceremony 'enacted since the release of the second batch of new jobs. 'Virtual reality engineering technical personnel' formal establishment of a new career. Virtual reality is an emerging and rapidly growing industry. As information technology, especially the 5 g, smart sensors and graphics display technology, virtual reality technology has become one of the mainstream of the 21st century the most advanced technology, and increasingly prominent contribution in industrial application. Virtual reality with its unique immersed, idea and interactivity in the commercial, industrial, military, medical, education, media, entertainment and so on many fields widely used and deeply, realize the traditional industrial/professional value-added, efficiency. At present, the development of the industry in urgent need of high quality, technical skills talents support with virtual reality. As the return to work and production order on, turnover rate will peak. To help the epidemic prevention and control work, enhance the level of public recognition for new crown virus prevention, virtual reality engineering technicians play a technical advantage, development of virtual viruses and bacteria and epidemic prevention museum, in such aspects as propaganda scientific and epidemic prevention and control knowledge has played a positive role. Next, the human resources social security department jointly with the departments concerned, Units) Promote the technology of virtual reality engineering personnel training work, advancing with The Times, comply with the trend of industrial upgrading, promote the standardization of post setting in the virtual reality field, promote the standardization of the personnel selection and career development, to provide talent guarantee for the virtual reality industry development. Virtual reality engineering technical personnel definition: the use of virtual reality engine and related tools, virtual reality product planning, design, coding, testing, maintenance and service of engineering and technical personnel. Main tasks: 1. Virtual reality software product planning, scene design, interface design, model making, program development, system testing; 2. Design, development, integration, testing, virtual reality hardware system; 3. Research and application of virtual reality system architecture, technology and standards; 4. Management, monitoring, maintenance, and ensure the steady and safe running of virtual reality products; 5. Virtual reality technology provides related technical advice, technical training and technical support services.
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