New brain VR devices unveiled, opens the door to the future of science and technology

by:Fuhua     2020-08-31
Believe that many friends all like theme of animation technology, especially in a few years of the sword god domain series, VR virtual world yearning for human cranial nerve connections, realize the virtual reality. Friend perhaps somewhat disappointed, the current VR devices also failed to meet this kind of situation, but just the end of the CES 2020, VR devices unveiled new brain, instantly become full, people feel VR technology new era is coming. The VR devices called: NextMind. Need to put in the brain the EEG data read back, and then based on the deep learning technology parsing. The suite features are invading design, real-time signal processing, just 60 g, support the majority of AR/VR devices, easy to wear, the developer version for only $399. Before Facebook bought by CTRL - LABS issued a focus on combining EMG EMG machine learning to achieve non-invasive brain consciousness manipulation. Apparently NextMind scheme, by contrast, is more in line with the concept of 'traditionally brain-machine interface', on the one hand, because of its use is directly put on the back of the head, on the other hand also because of its closer to the brain, the principle is through the real-time read and analyze the signals of brain's visual cortex to implement with mind control effect of the electronic equipment, it is more convenient to use. At the same time, compared with eye-tracking and input plan, NextMind brain-machine interface through the visual cortex to identify more abundant information, and therefore more able to identify the real intention, more application scenarios, including: control the TV interface ( Change the channel, play, pause, mute) Desk lamp, play games, input, change color, etc. , used in VR, just don't in the first show on the back strap, easy enough. Parsing NextMind brain-machine interface NextMind founder and CEO of Sid Kouider is a professor, engaged in research on cognitive neuroscience in science, the journal nature published about the document of visual sense and the brain. Kouider explains, in a laboratory analysis of neural signal time is longer, first to do experiments, and then carries on the analysis, thus NextMind brain-machine interface aims, real time and synchronous signal recognition and crack visual cortex, and realize the interaction between human brain and any machine, and become a popular technology. At present, the development of brain-computer interface only about 60 g, through carrying on the eight electrodes to measure brain activity, the future will also be further reduced volume, reduce the electrode to improve the comfort. Kouider revealed that electrodes is the key to measure brain activity, it adopted the NextMind unique materials ( Experience multiple iterations of a mysterious material) , let the electrode for machine learning algorithms to catch more data. It is interesting to note that Kouider was his shave baldheaded, to the brain by VR devices for testing. Believe in this all-new brain by VR equipment must be in the future way, let's wait and see!
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