Never expected, 2019 vr & AR exhibition on the first day there are so many unexpected!

by:Fuhua     2020-09-29
Today is the 2019 Asian VR& AR exposition and peak BBS opening day never didn't want to show on the first day, there are so many unexpected! Person annoys VR simulator manufacturer show surprise offers 2019 VR simulator manufacturer shop support programs, major collocation plans, rapid lightning, le corps, time machine, lone star people, set up shop will match four sets of VR equipment products need only 13. 50000. Surprise new 01 'vr' large space together, big skill: thorough liberation venue limitation and the bondage of wire rod, 8 x 12 meters large movable range, enough to let the player. Large space, promising: high quality game in 3 k high-definition VIVE Pro head show support, not only makes the VR games play better, more exciting; Also broke through the traditional VR experience store business model, to make it. Competitive, recruit: PVE people challenge copy let you experience the joy, also can let you experience 2 vs2 compete for four stimulus. Surprise new 02 'VR simulator manufacturer cinema' this set of systems is VR simulator manufacturer for offline VR cinema, tailor-made a cinema central management platform, operation & amp; Ticketing operation platform, theater equipment broadcast control terminals, content cloud data management platform, VR, film and television content adapter software integration of complete solutions. Compatible with HTC, Oculus, great friends, Pico, star wheel, pettitte mainstream head show both at home and abroad, it can perfectly solve the VR cinema contents and hardware adapter, content management, one-click broadcast show, ticketing & amp; FMCG payment settlement, many stores management mechanism between the members, the cloud in real time data query and so on omni-directional demand, solve the VR cinema one-stop service. Surprise new 03 'mechanical arm' new 04 'matrix space: evolution' surprise 'time machine' 2 new 05 new 06 'le guest theater PRO' surprise award 'person of the VR tap award, VRAR industry award' media products and more tidbits left 2 days again show VR simulator manufacturer best store support plan 2 days remaining major collocation discount package only 13. 50000 quota is limited, please hurry up VR simulator manufacturer exhibition area A number 3. Pavilion 2 our fleet VR simulator manufacturer focus on VR, AR, MR, AI technology, science and technology innovation is the integrated hardware and software research and development, the integration of content customization, design, construction, production and sales and marketing services as one of the high-tech enterprise. Launch three series of VR games equipment, dozens of VR equipment product, contains a variety of VR games types. VR games equipment products are exported to at home and abroad, all over the world exports to Britain and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Manufacturers to build virtual reality VR simulator offline entertainment platform - — VRLe platform, has more than 20 million people consumption. Over six hundred models of current content platform, the total service global VR entertainment end users to more than 7000 B. VR simulator manufacturer with 'for the masses bring happiness, create value for customers' as our mission, is committed to bring profit for customer, become your best partner! Provide one-stop VR experience pavilion to join profit plan, including VR experience pavilion site selection, site design, the whole hall effect, operational guidance, technical training and after-sales service, etc.
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