Netease stealth VR shoot the wilderness lurker open on April 11th

by:Fuhua     2020-09-18
Recently, the stealth strategy developed by netease VR shoot the wilderness lurker ( 保持沉默) 'Activated Steam and released on April 11, test plan. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first shock VR netease. In fact, since 2016, netease has been in the field of VR. Love 520 games, 2018, netease announced strategic cooperation with research and development of VR games business Survios, high-profile announced in the field of VR for layout. Interpretation of that time, the outside world for netease's behavior is very simple, think it is a fad resources abundant giant properties. Until this year draw netease had bread began to cash, it realized, netease is come true. Netease overweight VR layout, the western theme 'wilderness lurker' adopted aimed at the global market development in the western United States as the story background, combined with the west and alien two seemingly out of bands of the element. Game set in the brutal aliens 'people' with the spaceship crashed after the town, a federal police officer players reimbursing, from advanced science and technology and in the strength of the dominance of aliens, and fish in troubled waters his own horse fight among the process of an open hand. Game is expected to be on April 11th in Steam open test, when the player can use HTC vive, Oculus, WMR equipment, such as PS VR will be added in the release. Considering the VR need to excavate potential from the global market, as a subject to players inspection of products at home and abroad, the development team in the wilderness lurker brought in domestic rare theme in the western United States. But rare but not low popularity, western theme of the film and television on both in the 1960 s classics 'dead trilogy', also has the world 'in the western world' of the 21st century, before the game also usu jade in the wilderness dead. Though, it's not hard to find, is 'cowboy' in the western United States, but the same theme in China for the player to know and accept it. , of course, when it comes to 'alien' western guy war this key element, and the most close to the wilderness lurker worldview is Hollywood film released in 2011 'cowboys and aliens. And now the sandbox martial competitive games originally inspired by the Japanese movie 'battle royale', 'wilderness lurker' may also have similar potential. Stealth play into the 'dark' forest, creative birth was an accident 'wilderness lurker' innovation is the most bright eye, is not only the western theme of VR shooter game so simple, games are the most conspicuous is shooting 'stealth' game. In a single and open 2 v2 PvP combat, both players have the same function of cloaking devices, only through listening to claim, the moon shine light mechanism determine opponents, and then attack. But beware, the exposure of the attack means that their position at the same time, if the judgment, then it will make themselves in danger. 'Stealth shooting game, therefore, the kernel is actually a game process, jumped out of the FPS game usually test the dimension of the action and reaction. Even said, 'the wilderness lurker' to build a set of similar 'three body' novel 'dark forest' depicts the second system, players need to conceal itself at the same time, eliminate the potential threats, also has realized the sniper mutual confrontation on the battlefield, a set of mutual deception exciting experience. This is what the wilderness lurker emphasis on positioning itself as 'stealth strategy VR shoot'. Though stealth is not initiative in the game, but the wilderness lurker will both stealth ability as the core gameplay design, seems to be a first. Before the game, stealth capability in a single role or only commonly appear in the camp, or simply as a stand-alone game protagonist of special abilities, such as 'crysis' and 'sniper: ghost warrior' and so on have dive to play the game. More interestingly, the birth of contact mechanics, unexpectedly is a nice surprise. To start with, the development team just want to develop a based on western drama shooting game, even in the early development stage, the game is no any contact element. Until one day, in the process of project to promote the game created a strange accident: all characters are gone from the game. As usual after the repair, therefore team gain inspiration, can not help but imagination: why don't you do a game player to contact each other? After the preliminary measures the idea is feasible, just had today's wilderness lurker. Team think further, the characteristics of unique immersive VR, make mutual contact mechanics bring pressure to be amplified and thrilling atmosphere. And in the process of internal team members constantly try, have come to stealth play under the condition of dumping, this innovation is verified to have the players love the premise. At present, the VR games with VR equipment low penetration to liquidate, poor experience with dizziness, content scarce without phenomenal products to promote a variety of difficulties. The VR equipment manufacturer focus is not much, so often will make in product research and development strength itself at the particularity of VR, has been more attention to the importance of technology research and development team.
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