Momentum of VR games era is coming, so fierce?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, VR technology is also in constant progress, in VR gaming devices, the content of the VR games is in constant improvement, update, and let the user, as it were, and not subject to any limitations and obstacles to play their favorite games. Using VR virtual reality technology, constantly enrich the content of the game, can have the experience in the heart of the game itself developed to get incisively and vividly. Momentum of VR games era has arrived, so fierce? According to the report, main stealth style of VR games 'Phantom', once the online time get a lot of players, in July in the Oculus platform to surpass the $1 million in sales. Especially it is close to the characteristics of host game play, combined with VR immersion features, can bring more immersion of the game experience. 'The Phantom' developers nDreams announced that the free update ( 挑战Pack 1) Coming soon, the most obvious feature of the new version is introduced, such as blasting like grenades weapons, can upgrade the whole atmosphere of the game. Aroused a lot of players playing for addiction. As early as May 2019 announced 'the walking dead: Onslaught' VR games, after the delay now launch is scheduled for September 29, is now open to booking. VR | the TERMINUS of landing Oculus dominated by Australia's national museum of art and development of VR art content the TERMINUS, announced will not on the Oculus Rift platform. Which is made up of five parts, in which you can see the incredible architecture, digital creatures such as colorful visual effects. In addition, there will be more updates, online game, a variety of types, to enhance the game to attract and newness. You said prospects so good, VR games momentum can't fierce? Therefore, with the popularity of fragmentation consumption, VR games era, VR technology progress laid a solid foundation for the development of VR industry, market is also an expanding VR games, is the development of recent years, there have been many enterprises in the field of VR, now each big business circle was the popularization of VR experience hall, shopping malls, so new plaything has been attracted a lot of players like, and can let players experience is so strong, so the field of VR gaming devices is an investment tuyere.
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