Microsoft Xbox recruit a large number of research and development of VR talent or will be involved in VR games

by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
Host game of the two giants Microsoft and SONY are fierce competitors, since 2001, when Microsoft to launch its first since the Xbox, the two companies have been in the field of game, in order to deal with the PS4, Microsoft will acquire many game team XboxGame Studios. And half the team studied is VR research and development personnel. In the composition of the Xbox Game Studios 14 Studios, 42% had issued VR games/experience ( Most before being acquired) 。 Considering Microsoft currently has no intention of VR to the Xbox, but for the Xbox Game Studios contain so many once owned VR development experience of the studio, this is really surprising, but they may the future one day to Microsoft and the Xbox VR strategy to bring positive role. To everybody below a brief introduction to the Xbox Game Studios has been developed in VR studio team experience: 1. Double Fine - 'Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin,' Microsoft's E3 conference last week announced the acquisition of Double Fine news. The studio by legendary game designer Tim schafer ( Tim Schafer) Was founded in 2000, and because of the crazy world, 2005). 'And' Brutal Legend ( 2009). 'And other games and familiar. Double Fine for PSVR issued in 2017 VR based on 'mad world' puzzle 'Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin', and will work to PC in 2018 VR head. Since the Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin ', after the studio haven't talked about the VR scheme. Double Fine have involved in the game at the same time distribution business, one of which is the hottest VR games GNOG ( PSVR landing in 2017, and in 2018 to support the PC VR games) 。 2. 343 Industries - 'Halo: Recruit 343 Industries was founded in 2007, and accepted the' Halo 'series from Bungie hand right. Since the 'halo: reach, ( 2010). 'After the 343 Industries are responsible for the development of each a' halo 'game, including' is coming to the next-generation Xbox console 'halo: infinite. 343 Industries in 2017 brought a VR 'Halo: Recruit' ( Cooperate with immersion studio Endeavor One) 。 A brief presentation to us first tasted the taste of 'halo' of the universe. Although 343 Industries said at the time was very interested in further exploring virtual reality, but so far there is no any action. 3. Ninja going - 'Hellblade: Senua 's Sacrifice VR Edition' Ninja found was established in 2000, the representative works include 'slavery: Odyssey westward journey ( 2010) ', 'the DmC: devil may cry ( 2013) 'And' the edge of hell, 2017) 'And so on. The studio has announced that it would take 'the edge of hell' adapted for VR versions and in 2018 formally issued 'the edge of hell: serena's sacrifice of VR versions) The VR community feel big surprise. Although the game is not from zero to VR for development, but the fans gave high evaluation. Ninja going at the same time, based on 'Star Wars' the universe is involved in making the VR experience 'Star Wars: Vader Immortal - Ep. 1 ( 2019). 》。 We expect the studio will continue to participate in Ep. 2 and Ep. 3. 4. Mojang - 'Minecraft' Mojang is not a household name, but they develop the game called 'my world ( 2011). 'There is no doubt is a big miracle, the history of the game and prompted Microsoft in 2014 to as high as $2. 5 billion to buy the studio. They had in 2016 provides a compatible VR version of 'my world', support the samsung Gear VR, but not yet support to update the Oculus Go or Oculus Quest. In addition, VR version of 'my world' in 2016, landed Oculus Rift. 5. InXile - 'The Mage by Tate 's' InXile is The legendary city ( 2004). 》和《折磨:潮汐Numenera ( 2017). The studio behind 'and other games. In 2017 they brought 'The Mage, 's by Tate Oculus Rift, it is a same as The' city legend 'The world magic VR RPG. VR games began in 2018 to support other PC head show, and in 2019 formally landing PSVR. In recent years we haven't heard anything about VR content plan in the future. 6. Compulsion Games - 'We Happy what: Uncle Jack Live VR' Compulsion Games, founded in 2009, and with 'We Happy what ( 2018) Fame. The studio at the same time release the compatible PSVR free VR experience 'We Happy what: Uncle Jack Live VR', support players Happy abnormal situation. Because Microsoft has claimed the Xbox One X will support the VR, but before equipment sale and decided to cancel the stated, for VR and Xbox, Microsoft has been hesitant. Some people think that Microsoft may through the next generation of host to fulfill his promise, but anyway, time will prove everything.
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