Microsoft VR stick controller was designed for the visually impaired

by:Fuhua     2020-09-30
Although virtual reality seems to be able to create a new interface for the visually impaired to interact with virtual space and navigation, but the new technology makes it hard for visually impaired more will they are familiar with in our daily life skills transferred to virtual reality. To this end, Microsoft research developed a new type controller (cane The Vive tracker is installed on the walking stick type equipment) True, it can simulate the blind use a walking stick, thus opening a new door for the visually impaired. During the navigation, eyesight disabilities are not large virtual environment with complex structure to dazed around, such as winding path, the block walls and doors. Stick controller also USES light triaxial brake mechanism, support for multiple degrees of freedom, so that the user easily set and preferred technology is most suitable for their own. Based on the contact vibration of the voice coil actuator, still can render simulated surface texture. In addition, based on sound travels in space geometry, the user can determine where they shall come from. 虚拟现实——没有愿景 触觉和听觉( via) During the period of the new demo, Microsoft research with a treasure hunt game test the availability of cane, shows it can effectively help the visually impaired navigation in complex virtual environment. Eight, seven people can successfully in the virtual game 6 x6 m target, at the same time, avoid unnecessary knock against. Microsoft points out, this tool can also be used in training for the visually impaired. They can take over training in a safe virtual environment, and then to transfer their new skills to the real world.
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