Microsoft's many FPS VR games Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds

by:Fuhua     2020-09-14
The Frospoint VR is owned by Microsoft game studios InXileInXile Entertainment, the development of a multiplayer FPS VR games, players will be an old military training base in Antarctica team play. According to introducing, 'Frospoint VR' will be an old story set in Antarctica military training base, which is now filled with biochemical monster 'weird'. It will be made by Thirdverse ( The original Tomuneco) Issue of weapons including a dozen game, and they are intended to help you fight off rival team players, and seems to produce 'Reclaimers (from the earth Recyclers) ”。 Studio seems to be polished game sense of reality, at least at gun operation aspects. Tools and ammunition will help improve your Arsenal, including grenades, medical kits, defense upgrades, turret, and tracking. 'Game will be on Steam and OculusStore, and support the head of the show include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and ValveIndex. Team plans to open beta version was introduced in 'soon', thus to prepare for the launch later this year. InXile says it has a secret development 'Frostpoint' for years, and in many respects, it represents the studio for the first time. , of course, this is the FPS game, based on the team in the first paragraph of the studio provide 10 v10 multiplayer mode. At present, InXile plan in the game to use two modes: classic team deathmatch and control mode. Considering the VR games market is small, if the match is less than human players, game will match the robot for you, even if a person can play.
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