Microsoft mat VR patent can provide feedback

by:Fuhua     2020-09-28
Microsoft has been pushing the augmented reality ( AR) And mixed reality ( 先生) Development, and released the HoloLens 2 this year, but in terms of VR, Windows MR is not well. Xbox compatible with virtual reality is not made, and its rival PlayStation VR is a success. Now, a new patent revealed that Microsoft's future VR plan, a pure used in the design of VR floor MATS. The recent exposure of the United States patent and trademark office a Microsoft VR related patents. It is understood that the patent is pointed out that in a cushion of VR system boundary shape, its characteristic is to use with datum logo mat to delimit the movable area, aimed at better than virtual boundary system can reduce the user hit around obstacles such as an accident. Patent also pointed out that the use of computing devices can make the game mat host, can also be a head of show equipment and controller peripherals, or peripherals, game consoles hinted that the patent technology can cooperate WMR head show, or Xbox console. The patent describes a VR system, including: 'mat include integrated in the mat the pressure of the spatial distribution of multiple sensors, to detect applied to physical pressure on the surface of the floor mat activity, and and at least partially from multiple based pressure sensor of at least one pressure sensor receives the data to identify the location of the physical objects. In fact, after the user has to use rubber mat to delimit the class activity area, through the different sense of touch with the ground, let him more easily identify their location. Different is, Microsoft patents referred to in the mat has more functions, such as carry VR head show identifiable marker, fixed game starting position, and can adjust the size of the area. In addition, this kind of mat can also join the pressure sensor, is used to identify the location of the user on the mat, can also be combined with vibration equipment, provide body feeling feedback effect. To room space is small, the mat can also can be arranged for connecting piece of brick, suitable for almost any area. 'One or more of the vibration device is integrated in the floor mat, in the mat to produce vibration; And which pass through one or more of the vibration device for at least a vibrating device in the mat vibration to enhance virtual reality experience. Mat included with the first portion of the surface texture and is different from the first surface texture of the surface texture of the surrounding area. 'Given that most 6 dof VR head using a virtual floor mapping system, this is a unique design, can be to create and adjust according to most of the sitting room environment. A fixed mat must have different sizes to meet the needs of customers, it can be a square can also be round. The design of the interesting in the use of the sense of touch, pressure sensitivity and double surface. The latter is sure to create a safe space game, because you can know when you are close to the edge, but can destroy the immersive? In the simulation of different surface ( Such as sand or tarmac) The tactile feedback can be very interesting. This may be a never come out of the patent, but I'm very glad to know that Microsoft is still in exploring family virtual reality game. The box marked '160' in the picture is the Xbox? Let time to prove it!
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