Masterpiece launched Studio, can edit in VR 3 d works

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
Creation is not new, in the VR creators can use Tilt Brush or Medium creating 3 d work of art. But for creating animation, animation role action is usually difficult to handle. A group of VR asterpieceVR recently released its latest creation tools, designed to allow creators from VR wearing fast manual sculpture and animation role in the system. The 3 d content creation suite called Masterpiece Studio, the 3 d modeling software Masterpiece Creator and Masterpiece Motion ( Used for binding in the VR 3 d animation software) of the model Together. MasterpieceVR first released in late 2017 VR head-mounted head of software used in PC, the software supports cross-platform user more, so the founder of different platforms can VR carving and painting together. In short, it is similar to Tilt Brush, Oculus Medium or Quill, and other large VR authoring tools. Most support four founders in VR to collaborate in the creation, maximum 20 visitors at the same time. New software suite now more focused on speed up the process of personal creator, creators want to build in the VR 3 d model and animation processing, purpose is to supplement or completely replace the existing creation tools. MasterpieceVR said the Masterpiece Studio creator from concept to completely the speed of the animation of the model was 10 times higher than the traditional desktop tools, traditional tools including assembly, rigging, pose and prefabricated animation was applied to model. MasterpieceVR chief executive Jon Gagne, said: 'the Masterpiece Studio is the first VR creative suite of similar products, it is an economic and efficient solution, ideas can be rapidly transformed into 3 d content available. The suite of feature set enables the creator to very quickly create professional 3 d content. 'The Masterpiece Studio support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, steam Index and Windows MR head. So easy to create 3 d animation tools, is likely to attract a new batch of creator to use VR.
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