Ma on shan earthquake experience pavilion will start the reconstruction, earthquake simulation experience

by:Fuhua     2020-11-15

ma on shan is located in the fault zone? Ma on shan several times in the history of an earthquake? Ma on shan emergency shelters in where? Have you ever thought in ma on shan can experience simulated earthquake? … … Global earthquakes in recent years, people pay more attention to the natural disasters.

the maanshan earthquake experience pavilion method have only two: ride and strong, relatively speaking, means is relatively single, is not consistent with maanshan economic and social development level, but this situation will soon be able to improve. The municipal seismological bureau deputy director zhu wei introduces to the reporter.

on the morning of April 27th, 59 ma on shan municipal government executive meeting to discuss and principles through the about carrying out the entire province work conference spirit to report against and mitigation of earthquake disasters this year, ma on shan will do a good job in protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters of various key and ready to start the reconstruction projects of earthquake experience pavilion, further enhance the level of earthquake monitoring.

at present, a new earthquake reconstruction experience hall of rebuilding the business or other cities, has not yet been determined, the plan of new underground fluid, electromagnetic wave, earthquake precursor observation projects such as deformation, the ma on shan station built area comprehensive earthquake monitoring stations. Should I wish wei said.

in recent years, many cities in the province ( Such as hefei, tongling, bozhou, bengbu, etc. ) In the building of the earthquake monitoring stations and synchronous construction of earthquake emergency command center, the popular science education center of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters, etc. Ma on shan in the process of earthquake experience pavilion rebuilt, the plan also synchronized advancement maanshan earthquake emergency command center, the construction of earthquake emergency material reserve.

of course, experience the earthquake museum construction is still on the stage of plan making, we are coordinated with city related department, as soon as possible to promote the earthquake reconstruction or reconstruction project implementation experience pavilion. I wish to be wei said.

in addition, this year, ma on shan will do a better job of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters and the key work, including seismic fortification management, strengthen the farmhouse at the end of 2015 to complete the existing rural order, and in the market plan new construction of the three popular science education base mitigation of earthquake disasters.

in a municipal seismological bureau to submit the maanshan city earthquake disaster reduction popular science education base in display design preliminary plan, the reporter sees, simulate the ruins, virtual simulation scenario earthquake evacuation plan, began to build earthquake-resistant buildings, seismic safety hidden perils and emergency preparedness training, ma on shan shelter query keywords, such as all appear in this report, you can very clearly see the experiential key points in popular science education.

according to the design scheme, for reducing seismic disaster in popular science education base in maanshan city, the audience can simulate into an interactive 3D virtual environment generated by the computer, learning and mastering the earthquake knowledge of temporary suspension in all circumstances of life to save his life, still can pass had built the basic structure model of the building, to observe the vibration table simulation cases with different structure of the building model of the earthquake on the vibration of seismic performance, promote public awareness of earthquake disaster reduction.

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