【 Live school 】 Outbreak, VR offline industry crisis and the machine!

by:Fuhua     2020-09-03
Recently, a sudden new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak touched the hearts of the national people's current national common outbreak. Under the outbreak, the entity industry mostly suffer from varying degrees of loss, VR offline entertainment industry and other industries, is facing a shortage of cash flow and the decline of the business such as shock injury, whether we can rapid recovery, will have a significant impact on the development of industry in the future. After the outbreak, VR offline entertainment industry, how to flexible,? Turn the crisis into an opportunity for Lunar February is the 'dragon head', in this day VR simulator manufacturer will cope with adversity, as the voice of the industry. Launched by VR simulator manufacturer, and your capital, trust the east, there is a participation of hi shop online salon will be held on February 24, 14 PM, the theme of the Sharon 'outbreak, VR offline industry crisis and the machine! 'For VR offline from personnel of course of study to establish confidence, prepare for industry recovery! Salon activities the first part: round above point 1, the influence of the outbreak of VR industry. — — VR simulator manufacturer He Wenyi 2, epidemic, how investors view chain business? — — And your capital Chen Su 3, after the outbreak, the listed company attitude and strategy of VR industry? — — Trust Oriental Jin Qiang 4, as VR experience owner, measures taken for outbreak? — — Have a hi shop danhua jiang 5, the outbreak of the impact of offline business format and the analysis of 'crisis' in 'machine'! — — VR simulator manufacturer liu chang the second part: the interactive q&a site interaction with an audience, by the guest answer questions from the audience. The third part: joint cooperation six interpretation supporting policies to cope with the impact of the epidemic, VR simulator manufacturer focus on launch joint cooperation six supporting policies, and interpret a preferential support policy and depth effect, hope with you together, spend the outbreak. Conclusion through this online salon, can not only learn about VR industry more profound changes under the influence of the outbreak, can analyze in other areas at the same time, VR industry how to change, but also can advance rebound well prepared for the rest of the industry, and the next wave of consumption blowout development seamlessly. Changes the restless universe, sudden disasters of hardship, immortal is close to the fire and endless distance. We believe that the outbreak and difficulties are temporary. Pessimists see problems, optimists to solve the problem. Let us join hands to do the action. Registration way through sweeping code application, directly into the air can also focus on VR simulator manufacturer by the public, the public on the menu navigation bar go China go into wuhan
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