Life series Valve before introducing VR flagship game 'Half - 生活:Alyx》

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
After 12 years long wait, finally predecessor was officially announced - - - - - - New half-life series sequel is under development. As before, the game is called 'Half - Life: Alyx ', this is nearly a decade, award-winning 'half-life' series is the first of a new game. V club also will take it as a main flagship of VR games in the future. The work will be in the Pacific time officially announced on November 20th. Before you do have some rumors, but now finally to after a day and a long-awaited met fellow players. Since the 'half-life 2', has been in the past 12 years, and 'half-life 2' is in the end of the suspense. For a long time, the third series should be in development, but in the past for so long, we consider it as a 'lifetime' series, v club's mind also seems to be completely from the game on the operation of valve. Although the half-life: Alyx released now, but we also don't know whether should really just v club VR equipment exclusive work, also look at tomorrow's conference. 'Half-life 2' as a classic in the history of the game, to a large extent affected the many FPS game today. Currently v clubs in the business of game platform will be epic and many competitors, so that they seem to start to develop the game. But the first two attempts to A card and think of the knife tower 'did not succeed, because A gap of more than 10 years has been the artistry of their rusty? Anyway, v clubs want to by games breakthrough your current the situation, must own strength, perhaps the gold-lettered signboard of 'half-life' is indeed a very good breakthrough. Though it was the most influential and most popular PC game ever, but v club has yet to release its 'half-life' trilogy third. After 'half-life' and 'half-life 2', the company created the 'half-life 2: the first chapter' and 'half-life 2: the second chapter', but 'half-life 3' still hasn't arrived.
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