Lenovo new VR all-in-one Mirage VR S3 fall on the market

by:Fuhua     2020-09-14
Lenovo and Pico cooperation issued a Mirage VR S3 all-in-one. This product USES 4 k display screen, providing 101 - degree Angle, qualcomm Xiao dragon 835 SoC, independent design, don't need to connect the PC, the built-in speaker and microphone, support bare hand control, bluetooth connectivity, 64 gb of extensible storage. In this year's autumn and meet you, is expected to price is RMB 3204 yuan. As lenovo VR education solutions VR Classroom adaptation of 2 models, Mirage VR S3 first announced in January. Although the appearance of the VR all-in-one with Pico product line is very similar, but it cannot with Inside - Out positioning tracking function of Pico Neo 2. Mirage VR S3 is a 3 dof and VR machine equipped with 3 dof handle and 4 k display, with integrated audio function, can provide 3 hours of battery life. This product is compatible with lenovo ThinkReality software platform, the platform can provide enterprise customers across the cloud VR/AR solutions. Lenovo smart devices group commercial director of AR/VR Nathan Pettyjohn, said: 'the VR technology helps companies at a lower cost to achieve more effective training results. ThinkReality platform will provide effective VR/AR training for enterprise users solutions, to help enterprises rapidly developing productive forces. 'At the same time, the Mirage VR S3 built-in lenovo integration solutions technical support services ( LISS) For enterprise customers to provide expert team composed of professional and technical personnel and engineers technical support services, solve the technical problems during the users the first time. Lenovo Mirage VR S3 will be held in the third quarter of 2020 in North America, China, Japan, Britain, France and Spain, VR S3 will also as Lenovo VR Classroom 2 education part of the solution provided to the user.
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