Leading FPS developers VR shooter 'Solaris: Offworld Combat' on aug 27

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
The Solaris Offworld Combat 'is a science fiction style online shooting game. Environment of the game itself is a virtual environment, in which players to take up arms to fight. Recently, the American game studios First Contact Entertainment released the VR shooter 'Solaris Offworld Combat' of the First game screenshot. Do will be launched on August 27th Oculus platform, compatible Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift head show, and will be online later in the year PSVR platform. The Solaris Offworld Combat 'is a specially designed for more than 4 VS 4 battle of VR shooting game, we can see in the open game trailer, do the most striking is the fast pace of play. Most current VR shooter overall combat rhythm slow, investigate its reason is the fast moving in VR motion sickness symptoms may lead to the player. However the Solaris Offworld Combat 'is different, the game in addition to fight with fast rhythm, also clever apply the sprint, slide, in order to improve the player's experience comfort. Not only that, with the help of a new panel HUD function, the player will obtain smooth running in high speed moving conditions of static images and information, and put an end to the image because of the high speed movement produced by shaking the fuzzy phenomenon, thus greatly enhance the player comfort. Before the Solaris Offworld Combat 'aims to transcend the Firewall: the Zero Hour', to create more including weapons, rebirth tools on pick up new props and play of the competitive element. The studio said, the game will be equipped with a dedicated multiplayer server. Although First Contact Entertainment have not revealed Oculus platform is compatible with the Solaris Offworld Combat 'multiplayer or implement cross purchase, but through the latest trailers and the latest game screenshot, presumably shooter fans had to succumb to, want to go for it. The Solaris Offworld Combat, can yet be regarded as a new fashion for players, unlimited FPS, worth waiting for.
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