Know the opening of a VR experience pavilion needs spend how many money?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-12
Many users although very want to experience the charm of virtual reality, but because the VR equipment price is too high, had to be abandoned. But with the rise of VR experience hall, people don't need to buy expensive VR devices will be able to experience the charm of virtual reality. So we know how much does it cost to open VR experience pavilion needs? 1, the rental fee paid VR experience pavilion franchisees to demand a good house. Year 100 square feet of real estate demand in the city of about 80000 people, in the second and third tier cities demand in 60000. City rent basically in 40000, large commercial rents tend to be expensive. 2, equipped with capital, 100 square VR experience hall of about 3 areas, can do everything with in accordance with the A, B, C three levels, the demand about 25 w, 34 w and 45 w. 3, cost and expense plan action planning cost is usually more expensive, the average price of each province in the 40 - per square metre 120 yuan; Each square in 40 - of construction 120 yuan range, many decoration company in order to obtain construction rights generally can freely for all stakeholders in planning drawings, but they may add decoration costs, and action figure, of course, there is no reasonable planning team planning ( In other ways, such as layout, function area, 1000 - square - foot house planning fees range from 60000 to 200000. 4, decoration fee in accordance with the average level in the three provinces and cities area decoration may demand varies from 15000. Budget of the investment VR experience shop stores according to local market demand condition investigation and analysis. Affect the elements of VR experience store franchise operating budget, of course, there are also many, for example: building area distribute, rent, programming style, house type, raw material prices, decoration workers wages and so on. Many people see the VR experience pavilion the huge market potential, and want to pay, but to open a VR experience pavilion is not a simple work, and needs a lot of money, of course, open VR experience pavilion will cost in detail based on the discriminant condition.
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