Jilin city earthquake experience pavilion is the first simulation

by:Fuhua     2020-11-07

the ground vibration, violent shaking buildings and debris to fall, let victims experience earthquakes, earthquake disasters in the feeling of the scene & hellip; … Recently, the jilin city first simulation earthquake experience pavilion in jilin city within a large shopping mall. 29 in the afternoon, the reporter walked into the experience pavilion, the earthquake in the sofa in the room. In the face of journalists is a LCD TV, start playing with the causes of the formation of an earthquake, and the consequences of the popular science knowledge of video lectures. As the interpretation of various earthquake lens switch, the room also have started to change. Suddenly, the reporter felt sofa began to shake, lights dim gradually. As the growth of the video interpretation level of earthquake, the room also began crumbling, before and after. Reporters felt the whole body shake, had control, placed on the simulation of the clutter also fell in front of the journalists. The whole process lasted for about 3 minutes, the earthquake simulation experience for the first time in his life to allow reporters to the scene of the earthquake. According to the relevant person in charge of the pavilion earthquake experience, can have the experience truly feel in earthquake, because experience pavilion used the equipment such as video, audio, hydraulic transmission, and into the sound, light, electricity technology, lifelike reappear the scene of the earthquake. Experience the feeling after the earthquake, also can learn knowledge of earthquake and disaster prevention skills.

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