Japan's SONY park launched offline vampire slayer expendables AR experience

by:Fuhua     2020-09-07
Starting from this weekend, ginza in Tokyo, Japan SONY park will be held in the park 'ghost death squads' big live activity, to celebrate the ghost death squads 'to launch the 35th anniversary of the establishment. There, the ghost expendables fans will have the opportunity to test them in a whole new experience of AR as the official role of skills, this will make them in the real world environment with a large group of virtual ghost. On October 12, players will be able to experience many AR experience 'Ghostbusters Rookie Training', and with the other players work together to conquer this haunted space. According to the official description, you need to wear a projection digital 3 d images of AR first show, and a pair of wrist sensor is used to track the hands. For the latter, it will allow you to in the case of without hand-held controllers interact with virtual element. Despite the lack of instructions, but the official video players seem to be able to use 'Muon' or 'Ghost Trap'. In addition, the company didn't disclose the plot, but confirmed that provide a hours of gameplay experience, and the iconic cotton sugar-coated figurine will appear in the game. In addition, in order to celebrate your success to join ghost death squads, you will receive a special gift. The official page wrote: 'to be a member of the ghost death squads. Under the guidance of cultivating architect, you will be through the ginza SONY park, and eliminate with the players in this hall of ghost. Under this new immersive, coupled with including AR equipment using the latest technology of augmented reality in a series of tools, you will be able to feel what is the real ghost squad players. 'Although this is the' ghost death squads 'series first significant attempt in the field of AR, but this is not described in the IP in immersion for the first time. In 2016, The offline VR experience operators VOID in collaboration with madame tussauds museum launched a VR interactive experience 'Ghostbusters: Dimensions'. Vampire slayer expendables AR experience activities (from October 12, On Saturday) Beginning, until December 8. About 60 minutes every time, completely free, but only run 2 - every day 4 times. Because demand is expected to be high, SONY allow people to apply for tickets, in five different times by the lottery system to decide who can get a ticket. They encourage you to apply together with two or more people, you must be at least 18 years old, and would like to apply for to fill out a questionnaire at the same time.
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