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by:Fuhua     2020-09-18
As the epidemic situation improves, step up production. Although the offline VR experience shop is one of the worst-hit areas of the outbreak, but more and more investors began to think about, after the outbreak of the crisis, the change in the industry and business opportunities. Therefore, VR simulator manufacturer corresponding adversity, as the voice of the industry. Launched by VR simulator manufacturer, and your capital, trust, there's a hi shop, east sina online live salon, participation of VR, on February 24, successfully held at half past two in the afternoon. The salon to the outbreak of the VR offline ⾏ industry under the 'danger' and 'machine', 'subject carries on the discussion to share, to solve the investors. The salon will be divided into three parts: ( A) Five guest topic analysis about ( 2) The site discussion communication ( 3) VR simulator manufacturer joint cooperation of the six major support policy first link 01 He Zong reading 'the impact of the epidemic of VR industry' the topic published their own views, and predict various department stores in early march would have opened, and May 5. 1 day is gradually warming. Although under the impact of the epidemic, online appeared two fire heavy cold day, but believe that at the end of the outbreak, VR offline experience store will usher in the rebound. 02 ⼀, capital for ⽣ offline chain business not pessimistic data support: 2. 4 to 2. 21 A shares rose 10. 6% year-on-year, unique flavor ⻝ rose 16. 19 rising 26%, nine ⽑ nine. 4% ( A-shares data) Second, the enterprise through a food chain enterprises and how to deal with epidemic outbreak of a chains ⾃ rescue plan, analysis of enterprise how to deal with outbreaks, summed up the outbreak will accelerate ⾰ chain enterprises. Draw four ⼤ features of the future development of chain enterprises: three-dimensional operation, fine management, purchase type operation, the light asset development. Three, enterprise how afternoon can continue to live, in front of the plague is victory! Only means, to win the world! Though the down with all people, but we must be the first to stand up. Because the crisis in the organic, the 'left' is king. Four, how to boost capital by investing in ecosystem resource synergy, financial support, etc. Capital partners through the above four aspects, and king ⼈ Chen Su published 'outbreak, investment ⼈ how chain business' views and opinions. Finally, the story of Chen with zeng guofan 'devoting to incoming to everyone:' what's going on in the world on the sidelines Shouting about always useless, must bow from incoming, rather above is responsible for, is a viable ji. '03 trust co. , LTD. Oriental culture department, general manager of Jin Qiang Shared' after the outbreak, the listed company's attitude to VR industry and strategy ', from 'outbreak when the end', what are late middle market opportunities 'epidemic' in-depth discussion on the two angles. At the same time to 'corporate brand', 'the industry reshuffle and opportunity', 'trust and guest associated direction' the three aspects, published his views and opinions. 04 jiang as a founder of VR experience store chain danhua, Shared his experience store measures taken against the outbreak, including the control of cash flow, build the learning organization, adjust the part of the strategy, etc. , put forward several specific solutions. Finally, single always borrow liu yuxi's poem 'sunken ship side side thousand sails, tree ahead keeping green forever', to all the VR offline leisure practitioners continue to struggle with, hope you '! 05 VR simulator manufacturer associated department manager liu chang during the salon, analysis of the impact of outbreak of offline business format and opportunities, respectively from 'affect, response, opportunity, grasp the' four parts, offline for you VR industry practitioners to share his experience and solutions. The second link in addition, the online live salon also for each topic put forward by the offline VR industry professionals to discuss, in response to numerous industry personnel is most concern, to analyse the situation from different angles, and by all the guests to share successful experience. The larger quantity and time, the relationship between the problem has not been able to answer everyone audience questions one by one, thus opened WeChat communication group, share for discussion. If you have to communicate friends, welcome to join. Third part VR simulator manufacturer according to the influence of the outbreak, launch joint cooperation mode of six supporting policies, aimed at helping VR experience store after the outbreak of step ahead to rob market, brand, market share, find business opportunities in the crisis, seek improvement in stability, buck the breakthrough. End of the online salon has to thank guests, active participation in the media, friends, I hope you smooth sailing in VR industry at the same time looking forward to the next VR simulator manufacturer of actual combat business schools continue to share the VR practical dry knowledge we be there or be square salon highlight replays if missed the registration, Sharon can sweep through code directly into the air can also focus on VR simulator manufacturer by the public, the public on the menu navigation bar go China go to wuhan
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