InnerspaceVR studio release Maskmaker first trailer

by:Fuhua     2020-09-12
Maskmaker is France game studios InnerspaceVR development of VR adventure game, the studio or VR adventure game 'the fisherman's legend' developers, with the development of the game, the studio has accumulated rich experience, and less in the development of the Maskmaker away many detours. Recently, the InnerspaceVR released Maskmaker first trailer. In the game, players are going to explore the mysterious mask factory and found that called 'Prospero,' the secret behind the mask manufacturers. It is understood that the Maskmaker has eight biological communities, each community has its unique style, culture and the mask players in exploring 'Prospero' mask manufacturers in the process of the secret, and need to learn of the integration of the eight biomes mask culture, so as to create belongs to own the first mask. In addition to learning different biome mask culture, the player will travel around to collect material is used for face mask, when the player after the collection, you can return to mask made production workshop. From the published screenshots, this mask production workshop is full of mystery, not only placed the colorful dyes, draft design of experiment and vessels, and a normally used in the clothing design model of the human body. MWM Interactive content, executive vice President of Ethan Stearns said: 'we are looking for game developers focus on VR game development,' Maskmaker 'reveal the game quality is worth we will be recommended to the global players. 'Although Maskmaker is a still in the development of game, but its developers and publishers all enjoys a high reputation in the industry, so the quality is enough to secure, the game is expected to first landing PCVR platform, and launch Oculus Quest version of the possibility is very big also.
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