In the face of the impact of high quality head-mounted device, transformation of domestic VR team is!

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
In China, manufacturing vr equipment threshold is not high. After back and forth in the north, you can find all the basic accessories. Vr devices can be seen everywhere. Wearing a type of male money cost less than 1000 yuan. In this case, the concept of entrepreneurial team can quickly turn into commodities into the market. But the lack of core technology lead to insufficient application scenario. According to the third party agent AiMediaConsulting released 'in the first half of 2016 China vr virtual reality devices for industry', although in recent years, China has a lot of vr devices, but the consumer market are usually a response to the intention of not more than 30%, of China in 71. 3%. Mobile Internet users will not pay to buy the equipment of vr virtual reality devices, mainly because the price is not equal to the current level of technology. It is difficult to promote end (C Customers and consumers) Market, this makes it hard for a lot of entrepreneurial teams engaged in VR glasses and head type equipment. When HTCVIVE and Oculus high-quality head-mounted device into China, the domestic low entrepreneurial teams will become more difficult. In order to become fragile, more and more teams are turning to vr equipment and key technology. At present, in some technology exhibition, most head-mounted displays are HTCVIVE and vr devices, domestic entrepreneurial team leader provide game or one of the hardware equipment to display. 'VIVE head-mounted device is more stable, not easy dizziness, can have better display effect. Two years ago, for start-up team, into the head installation area of the risk is too high. Through the analysis of the industry trend of vr virtual reality equipment equipment, weighing the industrial chain of each link, Fang Wenxin quickly locked the gesture recognition field. 'Basic optimization technology and vr devices, Google has done very well. Supply chain design, optical, acoustic, materials science and other hardware components requires the integration of millet. As a team, we don't have to enter these technologies in the field of conditions. At present, the vr equipment interaction is the core of the application, but at that time no better solution in this area. Most of them use the handle to interact, it is not efficient, gesture recognition can enhance vr equipment experience.
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