In a magical experience pavilion may experience typhoon typhoon tour

by:Fuhua     2020-11-13

about typhoon, is no stranger to many people. However, when the typhoon hit, who have experience and know what feeling, three agriculture expo garden was built in the typhoon experience pavilion, opening to the outside world, to experience. Under the guidance of three technology bureau, the investment of hundreds of thousands of yuan to build & lsquo; The typhoon experience hall & rsquo; , can let more visitors can intuitively feel the typhoon hit. A model ship is placed in the middle of the hall, surrounded by display image viewing screen, only need to wear 3D glasses, put on your raincoat, boarded the ship, grasping the railing, you can begin to experience the typhoon is coming. The typhoon experience pavilion system, can simulate the magnitude 7 to 12 typhoons, along with the rising of the wind, the sway of the hull degree increases. Experience hall will create the effect of lightning, has the underground storm, spit out smoke and occasionally have the experience more truly feel the typhoon is coming.

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