In 8800, a month back to 200000! His success can be replicated.

by:Fuhua     2020-09-26
Recently many update E3 egg chair system users frequently to good news from us! ! Praise the E3 egg chair system after the update turnover increase was the sky wants to compare! ! Exactly how they do it? Few words said directly on dry in 8800, a month back to 200000! 'To expand more home experience shop! 'Shanghai CAI overall experience store keeps a large shopping center in Shanghai shop covers an area of 40 ㎡, investment 300000 E3 egg chair system just launched 1 days later with many years of industry experience he he do not seize this opportunity though choi le guest customer we still hold an open mind for the updated service update before his experience of VR pavilion earning $100000 or so business into 6 k - best day Update 7 k a month after the game hits from 3890 to 9679, according to choi VR experience store 100 yuan 3 times the income of the charge standard of egg chair monthly return on investment has reached 200000 month up to 2272% and the egg chair monthly revenue of the ever! CAI always talked about the experience aspect focuses on the following points: good product content which is VR simulator manufacturer has been focus areas is the main cause of many professional customers choose joy guest welcome to VR simulator manufacturer's official website WWW. lekevrmall。 Com to see more products and classic case location decision stream of CAI in VR experience shop in central mall is the location of the legendary longan CAI always very generous to share 2 location dry goods: the first is the surrounding residential community consumption ability, directly affect the pricing. Secondly the growing popularity of shopping malls and layout of the formats positioning reference whether can share to more consumer groups, so as to form the crowd effect more easily. Site selection is to choose a good lay the money earn promotion is necessary in today's age of the Internet traffic large price low platform to make a good grasp of modern marketing tools can play the twice the result with half the effort of virtual reality experience though development for some time, but for most of the national audience, still belongs to the technology of fresh, every player to come to consult, basic it is first contact, so try not to let every player to come to consult, and doing moderate online promotion, can play the twice the result with half the effort. Shop address: 3300 zhongshan road, putuo district of Shanghai port of Shanghai world shopping center B2 garden atrium also upgrade E3 egg chair of the customers and rich in content system leads to more traffic nanjing decorate a total area of 50 ㎡ with little experience of most of them are children and young people like adventure games to invest 100000 update before his experience pavilion earning 50000 around 2017. 8. Update 11 88 increase content after the game click from the month before doubling nearly 1700 times to 3205 times 536% return on investment shops address: new town plaza, 99 nanjing gulou pasture gate street cinema hall VR paradise shops firmly support my world music guest heilongjiang xu shop area of 70 ㎡ elaborate upfront investment of 250000 after a survey of passenger flow and surrounding consumption idea of xu VR can achieve 50000 - earning a minimum experience store 60000, 2017. 8. 3 update E3 egg chair system effective return on investment is as high as 313% after the store address: loose north wanda Harbin mau VR simulator manufacturer is always by products by consumers rather than to teach you a few primary operation way this is our biggest difference with other VR solutions providers haven't updated the user don't try so hard to click on the link below to view the E3 egg chair system more than wish you wealth flowing across the boss, business is more and more to good ~ ~
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