'Immersive VR + science | new interaction' safety knowledge education

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
In the boom of science and technology today, VR virtual reality technology has received recognition and support of the state, so has the development by leaps and bounds, power has become a new industry + VR technology. In daily life, however, such as earthquake, typhoon, fire, drunk driving is closely related to us, but many people don't know how to deal with, this involves the mastery of the popular science knowledge and use, but most people are hard to remember these knowledge, therefore in VR technology, under the help of the VR the birth of scientific experience pavilion, provides a new way of immersive interactive safety knowledge education. The traditional museum still stay on the plane, oral, abstract boring talk, this way of education is behind The Times. VR science experience pavilion, through the support of VR technology, wear the VR glasses, will be able to study in immersive virtual reality environment science knowledge, the immersion + interactive experience strong learning, let the memorable experience. VR science museum experience: the significance of VR science museum experience into earthquake, typhoon, fire control, construction site safety, aviation safety and other factors. Based on VR, people in the entertainment and popular science knowledge growth, make science direct, enrich the science popularization education means and ways, make up for the traditional forms of popular science propaganda the drawback of the single, attraction is not strong, is the effective complement to traditional popular science propaganda and education means. The advantages of the VR science museum experience: 1, immersive scenarios. 2, strong initiative. 3, saving the cost of popular science. With the vigorous development of VR, more and more technical personnel to join this industry, the content of the VR education is becoming more and more immersive interactive education also gradually popular. Compared with the original cramming non-computer majors, safety education, VR popular science education experience museum education way more advantage obviously, education effect is more apparent, it is because these people the characteristics and advantages of VR science experience pavilion became more safety education, the choice of VR, the popularization of popular science education also will be more and more widely.
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