Icy hot summer, E3 egg chair preferential system again

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
Remember in August 2017 VR experience shop world events have taken place in VR simulator manufacturer officially launched E3 egg chair system compatible with the market all the egg chair equipment cause suction gold rush this summer vacation to you again sincerely recommend E3 egg chair system including software system support friends of E3 show drive head big egg chairs on demand function such as data statistics system features: - Game content cloud download and update: the latest update content of the clouds, download a key, a key distribution, the new easy games. - A button click broadcast content: look at what point what, dot what on what, can realize self-help operation, save personnel costs. - Complete data statistics of the background: help you charge to an account, easier then, the number of games on demand at a glance. - Display advertising: cool pictures, help you attract more traffic. - The graphics synchronous display: let a person see the game content, stimulate consumer customers. Line E3 egg chair since online content from 88 to 97 VR explosive content in addition, there are 4 of paragraph content recently launched 101 content help summer egg chair out miracle line configuration high-end market head show great friends of E3 show two activity details E3 system costs: 8800 yuan activity time: on June 15, 2018 - On August 15, 2018 include: 2 big friends E3 head show + E3 egg chair system also give beans from 188 to 999 enjoyed beans ( Only two egg chair) Full sincerity for your egg chair shake shake money to play the full energy store more prosperous you ask me how to make money this summer? Yes is E3 egg chair system owners are still hesitant what? Contact us at once!
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