Huawei Huawei released the first thin VR glasses VR Glass

by:Fuhua     2020-09-29
On September 26th, huawei Mate 30 series mobile phone legal channels conference, brought new huawei huawei officially VR Glass product, its appearance is very sense of science and technology. This light-weight, VR glasses priced at 2999 yuan, will be officially went on sale in December sales. From 'VR headsets' to' VR glasses' 2014, Facebook spent $2 billion acquisition of the VR gen enterprise Oculus VR immediately become the technology of fresh air. More than global technology giants such as Microsoft, SONY, HTC, millet in later years successively launched a series of VR products, but always two products characteristics: one is based on a high with PC or host, main heavy interaction fully immersive gaming experience 'host VR'; One is carrying a smartphone chip, the main light 'VR all-in-one' interactive experience. However, VR products in the form of the two products are because the product appearance and wear relatively 'heavy' experience, most people would be more image is called 'VR headsets. Huawei VR Glass is a new form of VR products. Look from the appearance, it looks like a regular sunglasses, 'VR headsets compared more portable, light small, fashion, and more in line with the general consumers expect of wearable devices. From the function, Huawei VR Glass can also be both movie and game: namely by direct Huawei mobile phone, open domestic VR experience, can match again Huawei DFH partners third-party VR games accessories NOLO CV1 Air open 6 dof immersive VR gaming experience, and compatible SteamVR game platform. VR with mobile phones have congenital advantage VR with PC, mobile phones, is by calculating unit, communication unit, display unit and interactive unit. Huawei VR Glass display unit is an independent, with Huawei mobile phone connection to realize the calculation of the unit and communication unit 'reuse', consumers don't need to repeat to assume the cost of the cell, compared to 'VR all-in-one, proposes a more economical. From the perspective of the VR products iterative Huawei VR Glass delivered computing, communication, display, and a separate design is very clever. For computing and communications unit upgrade follow smartphone iteration cycle, make the display unit upgrade following the iterations of the screen, let interaction unit compatible with accessories to meet different application scenarios, in the form of interaction. 5 g 'high bandwidth and low latency' feature, the realization of the 'cloud VR to build a solid foundation. At present, the business has become a global operators' cloud VR 'accepted' killer business '5 g era. 5 g phones as volume of the largest 5 g terminals, is the ideal of VR terminal computation and communication unit, which makes the combination of VR and mobile phone will become the standard of 5 g era. Incoming phone makers will push now the outbreak of VR in the age of 5 g, photo, full screen, wireless charging, facial recognition function is still the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as a major means of differentiation between competition. The Huawei issued based on the mobile phone of Huawei VR Glass, has set a new benchmark in the mobile phone manufacturers, VR or will become handset makers new business growth point. With mobile phone manufacturer in thin VR form and the brand product, channel, the superiority of the supply chain, believe in the age of 5 g, the outbreak of the VR true.
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