HTX Labs for the air force with a complete set of VR training programs

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
HTX Labs, the company created a global business and government, the immersion training and simulation program is designed to encourage domestic small business participation with commercial potential government study/research and development, the government will provide selected enterprise research and development funding. The company recently announced that it has space to sign the contract and the United States, in the Maintenance Next ( 麦根) Plan to cooperate. That is to say, HTX Labs will provide a whole set of VR training programs for the U. S. air force. HTX Labs, the cooperation of the specific include: VR training content production, VR training management platform, and a complete set of delivery plan. Goal is to provide a set of air force to transfer the original professional knowledge to VR, and effect of the system can record and quantitative training, so that the new line get better training pilots. HTX Labs, said: we are glad to cooperate with MXN project. In fact, over the past two years I have been in cooperation with the air force, in the previous cooperation, we will own EMPACT authoring tool for a lot of improvement and optimization, so as to meet the corresponding scenario training needs. HTX Labs have a VR content creation tools: EMPACT Studio, and its solution is aimed at military aviation, heavy industry. HTX laboratory co-founder and chief executive Scott Schneider said: 'we are very honored to be the first phase of the SBIR selected companies, would be glad to help the air force training pilots in the future. Startup through SBIR process the ability of cooperating with the department of the army is a great opportunity, we look forward to develop the simulation scene, improve student's ability to deal with dangerous situation and accuracy. We want to ensure the safety of our military personnel, and immersive training plays an important role in achieving this goal. ”
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