HTC Vive VR games market together with the ARVI VR cooperation

by:Fuhua     2020-09-16
HTC announced recently, those who hand in hand with ARVI VR world casino domain, promote the popularity of VR chamber of escape game, three years is expected to touch up to hundreds of offline entertainment ( LBE) Place, is expected to begin in 2020, according to the Asian region for the first wave of promotion, and then expand all over the world. HTC and ARVI VR the first wave of development areas, to mainland China, Taiwan, China, India and the Arab countries cooperation committee members of the national market is given priority to, and then extended to Egypt, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. In order to adapt to the chamber of secrets escape the rapid development of the game, since March 2019, HTC VIVE even ARVI VR chamber of the exclusive rights to escape game. ARVI VR as well-known chamber of escape game production company, have developed a more high quality VR chamber of escape game. HTC's virtual reality theme park VIVELAND also introduced many ARVI VR acclaimed chamber of escape games, including 'the terrorist sanctuary' disappeared Christmas presents in the 'nuclear crisis' cyber from guest. These rooms can escape game using the VR technology, complete, exquisitely game content, quick change the game at the same time, save the game live the high costs of production, become offline entertainment practitioners of good choice. Offline VR experience shop is popular science VR technology, the best way when the hardware is more perfect, the game has more choices, VR technology will be more and more people.
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