HTC Vive strategic cooperation with VR, VR offline experience store layout

by:Fuhua     2020-09-26
HTC has launched Viveport Arcade offline experience store solution, the first Viveport Arcade exclusive VR content will be launched its VRLe platform VR simulator manufacturer. It is reported, Viveport Arcade content ground to solve the current offline experience points the problem of lack of high quality content, as well as to help developers get more channels to liquidate offers offline entertainment such as upgrading opportunity. HTC VIVE China alvin wang graylin ( Left) With the music CEO He Wenyi ( Right) HTC Vive China alvin wang graylin said: 'Vive and VR simulator manufacturer will make both sides in a win-win strategic cooperation and promote the development of VR industry. We can give full play to the VR simulator manufacturers a wide range of offline channel advantage, VR simulator manufacturer also can pass Viveport Arcade unique resource advantage to obtain more high quality applications, integration of resources on both sides, so that the users, developers, and experience the owner can benefit, realize the benign development of VR industry. 'Le guest CEO He Wenyi said:' VRLe offline content distribution platform will be launched Viveport Arcade hundreds of VR offline fine content, for the vast number of VR offline consumers to provide more diversified VR content experience, currently VRLe platform has gathered nearly 300 high quality content, including 51 high quality VR offline content issued by VR simulator manufacturer, 26 paragraph belongs to VR simulator manufacturer offline exclusive distribution. VR simulator manufacturer with Vive strategic cooperation opportunity is to promote good ecological development of VR content, VRLe offline content distribution platform will be more open attitude to establish cooperation with VR content partners. 'The Vive before cooperation with VR simulator manufacturer is Vive hardware products cooperation on the basis of an in-depth exploration of content cooperation, both sides will use their respective resource advantages, mutual cooperation and jointly promote the development of VR offline store market experience. VR simulator manufacturer by VRLe platform for all VR experience shop online Viveport Arcade content, Vive is responsible for the relevant content of operation management and marketing support, to ensure that provide consumers with more quality VR experience. Not only that, in the cooperation, every quarter will have emphatically recommended content priority for offline store users, creating more opportunities to liquidate for premium content. Viveport Arcade is Vive is custom designed for offline experience store VR content management and publishing platform, the system can according to the content of the running time for billing, ensure the accuracy of revenue sharing between operators and developers, to effectively under the environment of the current market VR content control and charges. And, more importantly, Viveport Arcade inside of the highest quality content cannot find online, and it can effectively prevent the occurrence of piracy and copyright infringement, more safety and reliable. While VR simulator manufacturer focus on VR offline experience store operations integration solutions, including: 'housekeeper' VR simulator manufacturer is a target experience store owner service software, VR cashier management service, the brand shop to join management service, VIP card management services, software and hardware compatibility management services, offline store value-added services; VRLe is carrying on 'housekeeping VR simulator manufacturer based on VR content distribution platform, mainly provide vast amounts of VR offline content issue download service, VR offline content networking services. Vive strategic cooperation with VR simulator manufacturer will take the lead in the end of the year be born 1000 VR experience high-quality goods store, and will be in more stores, for thousands of VR experience to China shop to bring more high quality content of VR, and the benign development of the VR offline entertainment industry. Viveport Arcade will be the first in mainland China and Taiwan to carry out the deployment, and plan to 2017 years to thousands of experience.
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