HTC third Viveland VR theme park in Hong Kong for the opening

by:Fuhua     2020-09-03
On January 18, 2019, HTC Vive Viveland VR theme park officially opened in Hong Kong, site located pleased bay please view new town ( 发现公园) 。 This is the first time in Taiwan HTC outside open offline theme park, is also home to HTC's third Viveland VR theme park. Viveland VR Hong Kong theme park covers an area of 330 square meters, experience the museum is equipped with multiple VR experience zone, between each game is equipped with HD projectors, high-end power lifting equipment, high-performance graphics, high quality, low latency, wireless headset and comfortable seats. Hong Kong Viveland VR theme park provides experience includes: the content of the national baseball the king, 'dinosaur commandos 2: the last line of defence', 'on the day of the invasion,' how the grinch stole Christmas blame hotel '( Rhythm game) Such as more than 20 VR games. In terms of price, each game round is about 50 yuan. Many want to experience the VR games, players can experience, but also can lease VR head. As early as in 2016, in Taipei to HTC opened its first Viveland VR theme park, was expected to test run for six months, to establish a virtual reality offline paradise process model, and data collecting players play, help the VR content developers and industry sustainable development. Didn't expect, however, VR theme park operation, after nearly ten days can attract ten thousand people experience. In the subsequent operations, Viveland VR theme park, steady development. Viveland VR from the success of the theme park, it is not difficult to understand the reason, for VR experience hall, in addition to the store's geographical location, from time to time ceng hot propaganda activities such as marketing, more excellent VR to the content of the game as a support. Has a strong social, stimulating characteristics such as large, large space multiplayer online VR games, is now and the future of VR experience is shown by the very large project. Such as: VR simulator manufacturer produced six VR ship 'door of space and time', four interactive VR shooting 'matrix space' and so on. VR simulator manufacturer is focus on VR software and hardware development, VR equipment production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The future series, classic series, situational series and so on dozens of VR game equipment products, including VR racing, VR shooting, VR music, VR adventure, VR, skiing etc. Various type of VR games. VR simulator equipment products sold at home and abroad, all over the world were exported to Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Its offline entertainment platform: VRLe has more than 20 million consumer service, the platform content 600 kinds, services more than 3500 VR experience pavilion. VR simulator manufacturer also provides one-stop VR experience pavilion join profit plan, including VR experience pavilion site selection, site design, the whole hall effect, operational guidance, technical training and after-sales service, etc.
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