HTC China alvin wang graylin: 5 g drive VR industry will go deep into the mass market

by:Fuhua     2020-08-31
Recently at the 2019 China international exhibition of information communication, 5 g no suspense became the most bright star centre stage. During the show, HTC China alvin wang graylin interviewed pointed out that 5 g commercial will push VR industry entered a new stage, and with the edge of computing the size of the deployment, VR will go deep into the mass market. For HTC, is about 5 g of official business, after all, in the age of 5 g we can see 4 k 8 k even more will video, VR products in the future will be how to use the technology of 5 g? For that matter, says Mr Alvin wang graylin 4 k, 8 k video has nothing to do with VR in fact, it is a 360 - degree video or video of six degrees of freedom was associated with VR, because this is in a 3 d or six degrees of freedom of the environment, will be a lot of interactive content. If you want to see more clear video, in fact now fiber already can satisfy the use at home. Mr Alvin wang graylin mentioned you might think of other live cloud VR or 360 degrees, he thinks that it is not impossible, but 5 g network covers all need a long time, and cloud VR will be harder than other ways. Because content and calculation of location information content is much larger than normal 2 d TO the edge of cloud server and network bandwidth and delay are demanding a lot, the cost is very high, and the edge server is only suitable for some areas TO B. HTC had ever talk to formula one racing alliance cooperation, beside the F1 track installation 5 g base stations, through 5 g the racing hd video, customers in the domestic mobile phone, computer can see the video of 360 degrees. In addition Mr Alvin wang graylin also talked about 5 g of commercial for VR products research and development play a role, such as VR helmet can design more lightweight compact, less calorific power and improving the user's experience, because a lot of data processing can be dealt with on the edge or cloud. Actually the HTC's new Vive Cosmos has been very good, this kind of VR is a scalable product, the future you can add accessories to experience a new function, don't speak too soon will be eliminated. The VR for ordinary consumers is main or didn't have a chance to experience the understanding, after all, an experience good VR product prices are at least three thousand yuan of above, how to make an offline to feel VR and understand the charm of the VR is HTC needs to consider. Mr Alvin wang graylin offline now VR experience shop quantity is not much, but the future offline VR experience shop will be more and more, and the quality of the experience will be more and more is also high. HTC is through some cooperation to attract more consumers to pay attention to VR, such as the first time in nanchang VR industry conference, has the VR e-sports together with PC game, attracted hundreds of thousands of netizens to watch, and further make popular PC e-sports games a VR, believe there will be more audiences are attracted, population size, too, will be on a level.
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