How to open a profitable VR racing pavilion? Fuhua intelligent technology vr tell you.

by:Fuhua     2020-11-15

related data show that by 2025 VR is capable of developing adult revenue of $800 industry, if the niche markets they quickly jump out to the public, the market will be worth $182 billion, and VR games will be the first developed the technology of the consumer market. As capital of all stripes and highland, VR games ushered in a golden development without doubt. More than in the current competitive situation, enterprises tightly grasp the development opportunities, for standing by VR hardware turned into offline experience pavilion, moreover has successfully find a use VR games to seek economic interests relatively feasible business model. Model as a vr experience success, the country's first vr racing cars pavilion pavilion experience as investors rushed to the investment field.

so how to open a profitable?

location: stream of comprehensive shopping malls.

considering the particularity of vr racing pavilion ( Concepts and techniques are high-end) , the most common group of cognitive, virtual reality VR technology has not been so in siting should not only consider the consumer crowd positioning, and to take into account the experience pavilion at the core of survival factors & ndash; — Tourist traffic. Vr racing hall usually should, therefore, choose the comprehensive shopping malls in the stream of people concentrated, YouLeCheng, cinema, scenic spot, etc. , simple vr equipment experience in the Internet bar, museum, science museum and other places. Location by the way, the next is the means to attract consumers by decoration, promotion and so on.

equipment: high-end novel is a plus, experience the highest

the so-called vr racing pavilion is the most important, of course, or experience, so the choice of equipment is particularly important. Racing VR experience is also simple racing simulator and wearing a facility. Because the stimulation and somatosensory racing to cover a large portion of the crowd love games, video games and automobile, plus VR stunt, become nearly two years experience in VR domestic pavilion try the way of water.

fuhua intelligent technology vr racing simulator & ndash; — By domestic motion-sensing technology leader went to guangzhou for racing game players specialized research and development of a dynamic vr simulation racing is the most real racing simulator. Fuhua intelligent technology vr racing simulator using enhanced virtual reality simulation technology to provide users with real racing experience effect, users through dynamic simulator of operating components interact with virtual circuit racing game environment, thereby gaining super realistic racing experience. Compared to traditional entertainment venues, the vr car racing pavilion, according to the size of the venue to personalized development of planning and design, in addition to spend on the pattern of the gymnasium layout state of mind, there is quite a dynamic vr form a product line, mainly covers the most frontier of vr technology products.

operation: selling point propaganda, charging timing mode, service

affect the success of vr experience hall, in addition to vr equipment and experience the highlight of the content, timing and additional services such as operating mode is also a key factor. Toll pricing often need to estimate according to the merchant's cost recovery, equipment experience mode, a store experience the biggest day and capacity, and even local consumption idea and consumption level. So businesses need to be careful on pricing, should not only conform to the vr experience of high-end positioning, and is not to be high for consumers to stay at a respectful distance from sb. And the technique of increasing traffic in addition to the regular activity promotion, festival, membership model.

in vr equipment selection can actually some flattering way. For example, the above mentioned vr car racing simulator, the racing sports equipment + experience science and technology are the most inclined to attract groups of young consumers, has advantage in number. Combined with the equipment, the store can also be car racing activities on a regular basis, competitive game experience, after all, is the lasting appeal for young groups.

profit: the relatively small investment risk, a variety of revenue stream.

and type of VR than immersed the game experience, VR racing game simulator software is already relatively mature, domestic brands such as higher-end racing simulator fuhua intelligent technology VR racing simulator has body feeling feedback can be precise, therefore, no matter from the hardware or software, VR experience theme of VR racing car is relatively easy to implement and a lower risk of one of the model. In addition, in the early experience hall opened, considering the propaganda window and the pressure of cost recovery, businesses can combine VR experience and other operating subject, such as Internet cafes, video games, sports, board games, social, leisure, entertainment, clubs, etc. , on the one hand, reduce the investment risk, on the one hand, rich store sources of income.

how to open a profitable vr racing pavilion? Through all aspects of the above analysis believe investors already in his heart there is a spectrum, want to open a profitable vr fuhua car pavilion can find guangzhou company, they have high quality brand advantage:

1, vr racing simulator is racing simulator industry the most authoritative brand in China. 2, 8 years of experience accumulation, focus on the 5D private cinema and 5D car racing game solution, is the first company in China. 3, got more than 20 patents, be the somatosensory areas of science and technology leader! 4, the domestic first to vr to start racing car theme culture, to create wealth first.

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