How to legally run a VR experience store

by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
'In general, you only need a business license and tax certificate. If your services involving 3 d cinema, also need to get the film business license, if the store covers an area of more than 200 square, you will also need to deal with fire permit. 'If plan to open a VR experience store, what should you do to prepare? Above is an experience shop operators answer for this problem. He added: 'and then to download some list of games. 'Really' ok '? At first glance, the shopkeeper is very considerate, but if you really do business, so I'm afraid one day infringement of at least 50 times. Runs perfectly legal VR if intentional experience store, the content of authorization will be the most need to care about you. About the content of authorization, overseas VR developers Joe Radak there are words: first if you want to contact developers in VR arcade games, game is added to the library you must immediately contact the developer of the game. Please note that is a 'must'. Contact game developers for two reasons: one is to ensure that content is suitable for the VR experience store; The second is the appropriate agreement for commercial purposes. In the Steam purchased the game does not mean that you can use it for commercial purposes. Want to experience the inn in the use of the game, you would also need approval by the developer. Below is the Steam on content authorized user agreement: (the regular version of the game Unless otherwise specified, refers to all the version on the Steam) Not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. With their game before you must first contact with the developers. No matter what, you have to by all the way to contact to developers, such as contact with Twitter, Facebook, or send E-mail. If you have not received their reply, you still can't use their games. Of course, there is an exception. Contact is one of the benefits of developers, developers will usually help you create a arcade version of the game, let you more convenient management and control experience. On the other hand, the developer should be in the Steam page of the game, such as Twitter and Facebook page clearly listed on the contact information. If people really want to contact you, you have to make sure that they can easy to contact you. If you want to avoid email address is the crawler climb, was bombarded with spam, you can email address at dot com format. Such as the 'license at heix dot cn', so the other people all can read, media also can contact you, and you will not be spam. To obtain permission to contact the developer, you need to get on the business license to use their products. It is best to provide developers with the license agreement by you. In essence, it is a legal document, the developer will sign the document, provide you with products of certain rights, in exchange for some licensing fees. If you seek the natural best with the agreement, can be directly from the agreement, the proposed agreement they must be suffering because let them die. In addition, although the game commercial need to pay fees, but experience shopkeeper bargaining can also provide some information to developers. Steam site license as previously mentioned, buy a regular version of the game from Steam is not used for commercial purposes, if doing so would violate the Steam user agreement. Via Steam site license plans to provide the business license of the game will have the second option, similar to the following options. In game 'Light Repair Team# 4', for example: click on the button at the top of a regular license for buying content, can be used in the home. While the following options provide the business license. On Steam, you purchased a commercial license version of the game, then have to pay for each game in the VR helmet license fees every month. Business license, because the price is higher natural welcomed by the developer. In general, the cost of the business license is about two times the price of the game, but the price is mainly composed of developers set. However, VR experience stores the cost of the need to spend more. In the above game, for example, each machine costs $15 a month, means that every month each device every game needs a two times the cost of pay for the cost. If you have 10 sets of equipment, the single on the game, licensing is as high as $150 a month. The benefits of using a commercial license is you don't need to contact the developers can legally use the game. If you buy a commercial license, developers can generously, to show respect for their work, also help both sides from some misunderstanding. Developers can contact Valve on the Steam provide business license. Monthly statement licensing fees ( The Steam) Of course, how much the license fee of each month, you would like to discuss with developers in addition. But most of the time, their use is actually the Steam license.
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