How to interpret the VR delay? Look at huawei do

by:Fuhua     2020-08-31
Recently, the founder, ren zhengfei, huawei internal speech caused the attention of the VR industry, the communication veterans of rare nowadays one of the most popular VR technology has launched a review: 'VR need low latency, we also can't do that, maybe later there will be some new invention science theorem, but not yet. So, we want to rational knowledge industry development law of VR/AR, maintain strategic patience. AR/VR development too fast, there will be a bubble. Why VR will have a bubble in the future, the key is no one can solve the problem of time delay. 'Ren' delay ', refers to the network time delay, his things, perhaps can see huawei layout VR strategic direction: the network first prepared, and the other. Huawei's managing director, strategic Marketing President Mr Xu had normal university, points out that at the meeting in this year's huawei analysis VR to achieve perfect virtual reality experience, to deal with up to 5 per second. 2 gbit amount of data, time delay is lower than 20 ms. At present, the existing wireless network for a user to watch 2 k average need 4 MBP video bandwidth, 4 k video requires 18 MBP, VR requires 175 MBP. Plus the rate of existing network often will be affected by different degree of loss, so need greater network capacity to support the VR the transmission of high quality images. This is about speed, got the cable laboratory ( CableLabs) CEOPhilMcKinney confirmed: high frame rate and image size makes the VR than ordinary more data-intensive netflix system, is expected to consumers may need to speed up to 150-200 is suitable for the VR content of MBP Internet communications. Huawei FDD product line President wang jun, 5 g network download speed is expected to reach 1 GBPS, can well solve the vertigo due to transfer delay, but with the relevant technology of the 5 g is still in research and development, so huawei has four key layout. 5G。 Huawei is 4. 5 g of the concept of the creator, in 5 g arrival at least 5 years on the window of huawei has in 4. The rate of 5 g network implemented on 1 GBPS. Earlier, huawei help TeliaSonera, in Norway launched the world's first 4. 5 g mobile network, for the first time the peak rate of 1 GBPS, 5 g era of business and application experience, laid the foundation. In addition, huawei also joint vodafone successfully demonstrated 4. 5 g, by huawei GigaRadio base station, user peak rate of more than 1 GBPS. Data show that as of April 2016, the world twenty four. 5 g commercial and test network, by the end of this year, the global commercial deployment is expected to 60 pieces of 4. 5 g commercial network. Although now huawei has launched a VR devices, but relative to the smart phone crazy expansion, VR appear very quietly. , huawei's consumer business more than CEO ChengDong has previously said, huawei will not miss VR, AR technology, but the technology now mature commercial also need at least 2 to 3 years. According to VR know yuan from internal sources, huawei in VR into started very early, mainly by the Shanghai institute for huawei, huawei this year there will be action in VR, is likely to launch VR platform based on the high rate of network transmission solution.
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