How to cope with the menacing 'the rice carat'? | VR + science typhoon experience pavilion to strengthen awareness

by:Fuhua     2020-09-04
11 August 7, no. 6 this year 'the rice carat' the coast of fujian ZhangPu typhoon landing, the landing near the center biggest wind 12 level, bringing heavy winds and rain to central and southern fujian coast, part of the typhoon influence regional railway transport facilities. This is the first typhoon of fujian this year, is also a rare 'typhoon'. Typhoon 'savage', caused serious influence to fujian zhangzhou. Down of the urban road fence is large and the traffic police in the rains and winds in a line. A traffic police in maintaining traffic hold guardrail, because the wind is too big, no hold at a draught, the barrier down. Affected by the typhoon, zhangzhou longhai a workshop was down. Lodging some buildings damaged, a lot of trees and power lines damaged, at present no casualties. Human is always the small in front of natural disasters, in recent years, the typhoon is becoming more and more common, therefore, we should also learn relevant knowledge of popular science, so I am not in the face of a panic when the typhoon. In science and technology developed today, VR virtual experience typhoon pavilion has achieved using virtual reality technology to recognize, analyze, and early prevention of typhoon. VR virtual experience museum is to popularize knowledge of typhoon typhoon, enhance the typhoon knowledge, improve the ego to protect consciousness, improve the ability of response to earthquakes and other emergencies. Typhoon simulation system features: 1, the experience of real environment, all-round, simulate typhoon field scenario 2, 3, image simulation of real-time simulation of typhoon picture of typhoon real-time synchronization, immersive crazy typhoon blow 4, cooperate with lightning, rain, smoke effects, to create a real typhoon environment 5, system operation is simple, in automatic run VR virtual reality technology since the start of VR virtual reality experience typhoon pavilion, the typhoon disasters by VR technologies, the traditional graphic effect upgrade for three-dimensional realistic effect, for the public to make vertical immersive, let the public into real story scene, to enhance the engagement of the experience and experience, so as to achieve better science to disaster prevention and mitigation. VR virtual reality experience hall to better strengthen the typhoon typhoon awareness and make popular science education popularization. In a nutshell, VR is a broad prospect of education industry, the value of its own is huge, with the development of science and technology and society, the VR technology matures, VR science museum gave a new way of education experience, let the immersive experience, not just the typhoon experience pavilion, there is fire, earthquake, fire and other experience pavilion is very necessary, let science more entertaining, spare no efforts.
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