How much virtual reality experience pavilion vr devices

by:Fuhua     2020-11-04

VR joining is a theme park can copy, easy to operate, can carry out projects don't need a lot of experience. Set the number of sets of VR theme park equipment, in the open space of the commercial plaza. To decorate some barrier, the front desk, for human interest of seat, can open a VR theme park.

9 d virtual reality experience of vr theme park pavilion is one of the most favorite theme park.

9 d virtual reality experience pavilion, of course, on the one hand is to let the public experience what is virtual reality, and the other side would ensure user experience at the same time, provide users with valuable information content, open the good experience of virtual reality for the first time, which many experiences and spending. 9 DVR virtual reality experience pavilion experience with the content of the roller coaster, cars, mobile games, shooting games, and tourism, etc. Various virtual blockbusters.

in 9D VR cinema virtual reality experience centre, browse, which are some fantastic pictures. But you don't like sleepwalking through the virtual world, but has to meet stinging pain awake, exist in time the charming virtual picture scroll. You can always have unexpected joy, static see flowers bloom, see mountain is mountain, see water is water, wiped the earthly helpless, let the soul purification, the mind empty, feel broad-minded and pure.

but due to the uniqueness of the Chinese market, the current domestic consumers is difficult to buy hardware device associated with virtual reality technology. In this context, if there is a domestic enterprise, to be able to launch a as foreign products in technology and application experience of VR hardware devices, are bound to is widely sought after by consumers.

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