How can I visit Fuhua Intelligent Technology factory?
If you can't find a way to our factory, please ask our customer service department for a detailed path. With the increasing popularity of the popularity and the influence of the industry, more and more customers come to our factory for field visits. Dongguan Fuhua Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd sincerely welcomes customers to visit our factory.

With outstanding capability in R&D, Fuhua Intelligent Technology is a highly respected company which focuses on 9d vr cinema. The mobile cinema series is one of the main products of Fuhua Intelligent Technology. Through the use of advanced testing equipment in products, many quality problems can be found in time, thus effectively improving the quality of products. 3 The product can be customized into different cinema overall layouts. Fuhua Intelligent Technology is committed to providing its customers with the best dome cinema in the world, thus promoting the development of advanced technologies. 26 Its high-definition effect makes players feel they are in the real world.

our team hopes to compete in the market based on product innovation. Welcome to visit our factory!
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