How about VR science equipment choice, why did you choose this?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-23

relief work has been the important disaster prevention and mitigation, and frequent natural disasters in China in 2016 multiple, sudden repeating, compared with 2015, the national disaster is heavily; How to do this, disaster prevention and mitigation is an important work for a long time.

in disaster preparedness, popular science education plays an important role in disaster prevention and mitigation. With the development of VR technology, VR + science more aroused people's attention and welcome. VR science brings immersive experience effect, it can improve the quality of the people, and let people learn scientific prevention method in experience. So, VR museum has attracted more and more people to experience.

so, if want to VR museum, how to choose the VR manufacturer and VR science equipment?

watch factory scale, a more accurate representation of the power.

advice is to go to field trips, more intuitive to see the company size, you can see the company's production workshop, the production status.

guangzhou fuhua, give priority to with VR is a comprehensive high-tech enterprises. Enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and VR experience pavilion offline operation and service in a body, is the present domestic earthquake, typhoon, fire control, disaster prevention and mitigation museum, the first brand. 2017 won the outstanding brand private technology enterprises in Asia. And so on the title.

2。 Look at the company patent certificate.

fuhua vr museum, is by a skilled team, carefully study, make a simulation of realistic typhoon fire earthquake museum. And, the company to apply for and obtain a number of popular science patent.

3。 The customer case.

the more customer case, the company the more strength.

fuhua VR museum, outer Mongolia on the north, south to sanya, hainan, jiangsu area in the east and west to xinjiang, sichuan is needless to say, more in sichuan province. Almost all over the country provinces have fuhua VR museum.

countless cases, reflect the strength of fuhua VR science. We are currently VR museum in most of the country's manufacturers.

so choose VR museum, choose fuhua VR can't be wrong.


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