Holoswitch support PC VR interact with smartphones

by:Fuhua     2020-09-05
For a long time, VR is hard to broken in addition to their own lack of, its poor and mobile devices such as correlation is also a factor. Recently, a PC VR application called 'Holoswitch' was born, its role is to make your phone and PC connection, so as to realize the PC of VR can check my phone call, send text messages, with the system, etc. Holoswitch is a SteamVR platform of mobile application, it can let users without having to remove the VR head show's cases interact with smartphones. Through PC client will intelligent mobile phone and computer, the user can use telephone, SMS and important application notice directly forward all show, which in the case of does not destroy immersive interaction with the outside world. Users can even keep smartphones as a surveillance camera to view the realistic environment. The Holoswitch developers said in its official version: 'so far, VR users must regularly check whether they are in real life is missing something. They often worry about missing calls, friends or family conversation, or express, which makes them difficult to long time immersed in a VR world. 'Holoswitch' will help the user to eliminate social and real world isolation barriers, so that more people can enjoy VR in a longer time. When need to be focused on real life, the user will be aware of this, which can eliminate the worries of their fear of missing out on important events. 'Holoswitch Beta testers Patrick said:' if I spend one night in VR, I always feel missing something. In the process of playing the game was forced to remove VR head checking my information, this is very disturbing. And in the 'Holoswitch', I will not be such a problem, which can be immersed in the VR world a long time. Every time I received a message or notice, can be directly in the first view. 'The Holoswitch will support the HTC Vive, steam Index, the Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Quest and Windows Mixed Reality compatible OpenVR head show, priced at 5. 99 dollars. Set the content is very simple, only need to install the PC client and mobile applications, head is paired with a smartphone, then choose to receive notification. At present, the Holoswitch only support android devices, but developers promise compatible with iOS devices in the near future. In the comprehensive Holoswitch, after the release, the developers also hope to build a few additional features, including direct video calls, telephone mirror, VR in the text to speech, no keyboard typing and real-time streaming media function.
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